Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber

released on Jul 14, 1999

"Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber is a tactical RPG for the Nintendo 64.

Featuring a gripping storyline with multiple possible endings, and a genre-defining character class system, this strategic epic has rightly retained its place in the hearts of tactical RPG fans for over a decade.

The game tells the story of Magnus Gallant, a recently graduated officer of the Palatinean Army who is assigned to the troubled southern region of his native land. There he witnesses the plight of the lower classes – the victims of a tyrannical ruling elite whose only thought is for the preservation of their own lofty status. With civil war brewing, Magnus is faced with a terrible choice: to betray his own noble origins in the name of liberty, or turn a blind eye to the evils of his rotten society."

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Ogre Battle 64 provided a couple of QoL updates and new - mostly trivial systems (fatigue, legions, sieges, etc.) to complement its RTS/RPG hybrid. These fixes also came with a set of odd changes to enemy AI and encounters that forced defensive play and affected unit progression, which - thanks to a strange variation of Tactics Ogre's training, became sluggish.

Without Yasumi Matsuno this time around (who departed from Quest to develop Final Fantasy Tactics), the series' mood became less intense, introducing prominent fantasy leanings and even a few comedic touches to a much more character-driven storyline. Overall better produced and structured, if a little mundane.

One of the most unique and great SRPGs of any era, with only a select handful of flaws, almost every run can be entirely different depending on choices in game.