Silent Hill 2

released on Sep 24, 2001

The second entry in the Silent Hill franchise, Silent Hill 2 is a narrative-focused third-person psychological horror game with exploration and puzzle-solving elements which follows James Sunderland, a man who receives a letter, seemingly sent by his three-years-deceased wife Mary, in which he is beckoned to the fog-ridden town of Silent Hill at the same time as numerous other people troubled by their past.

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One of my favorite games ever, the atmosphere of this game is just impeccable. Will never forget the first time going inside Woodside Apartment, even though I had the radio to tell me when monsters were nearby I always felt on edge. I really did love the story, and I really love the detail of how some things affect the ending you get. One more praise I want to give this game is the soundtrack, it's one of my favorite video game OSTs. I highly recommend this to any one looking to get into survival horror games, granted you could emulate it or afford to get a copy that is.

the bad controls and the weird voice acting make the experience better for some reason, not sure why

Epitome of style > substance. Why go for clever and subversive horror when you can masquerade everything in fog and darkness and make the controls suck? The story is nothing special and basically a retelling of every "Modern America is A Monster"" story ever, also comically bad symbolism that impresses gamers who fail to understand subtlety.

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I think I have never felt in any other games those feelings of the unknown, the uncanny, the disorientation and the lost that this game is able to produce in you. In between those foggy concepts a memorable plot unfolds in a survival horror that is a masterclass of how to do everything well.

La sensación de desconocimiento, de desorientación y de pérdida que produce este juego creo que jamás la he sentido en ningún otro. Entre esos neblinosos conceptos se teje una historia memorable en un survival horror que es una masterclass de hacer todo bien.

A sensação de ignorância, desorientação e perda que este jogo produz acho que nunca senti em nenhum outro jogo. Entre esses conceitos nebulosos, uma história memorável é tecida em um survival horror que é uma masterclass em fazer tudo certo.

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i cried for 30 minutes

A once-in-a-generation game.

Transcends its influences to truly ingrain itself into you long after completion.

Mechanics, gameplay, music, and characterisation all work in harmony with each other to create a haunting experience.

Masterful. My only regret is that I put off playing it for so long.