Silent Hill 3

released on May 23, 2003

Silent Hill 3 is the third installment in the Silent Hill survival horror series and a direct sequel to the first game, although this is kept secret from the player for plot twist purposes. Like the previous entries, Silent Hill 3 is a survival horror combining action-based combat and puzzle-solving, but is somewhat more combat-oriented than the preceding installments. The main character is able to side-step and block some attacks, but in general shares with the other protagonists of the series their relative ineptitude in combat.

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tank controls sucks, the monsters are awesome, and the music fits right into the atmosphere. The story is alright but awkwardly charming

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When I was a kid, I loved playing video games. I would spend hours upon hours glued to the television screen, controller in hand, trying to beat the latest game I was hooked on. I loved finding secret areas and items, and I would often go back to replay my favorite games over and over again.

One of my all-time favorite series was Silent Hill. I remember being particularly fascinated by Silent Hill 2. The game had such a dark and eerie atmosphere that really drew me in. I loved the puzzles and the way the game made you really think about what was going on.

However, there was one element of the game that I didn't like. In order to find some of the key items, you had to look inside toilets. At the time, I didn't really think much of it. I just figured that the developers must have put the item there for a reason.

Now that I'm older, I realize how disgusting that is. It's one thing to have to look in a slimy sewer for an item, but it's another thing entirely to have to look in a toilet. It's just gross.

I can't help but think that the developers must have been just trying to gross out the players. There's no other reason to put an important item in such a disgusting place.

It's a shame, really. I loved Silent Hill 2, but that one element soured the experience for me. I still play the game from time to time, but I always skip that part. I just can't bring myself to put myself through that again.

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prettiest player models of all time cuz