Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy

released on Nov 01, 2007

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Super Mario Galaxy

released on Nov 01, 2007

A 3D platformer and first Wii entry in the Super Mario franchise, Super Mario Galaxy sees Mario jump across planets and galaxies with varying items, enemies, geographies and gravity mechanics in order to reach his enemy Bowser, who has attacked the Mushroom Kingdom and hijacked Princess Peach's castle with her inside.

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this is my favourite mario game. i was shocked to hear people disagree with that sentiment - this was a quality game from start to finish, and would be delighted to replay it at any time.

i enjoyed it considerably more than mario 64, which i played just beforehand, and more than mario sunshine, which i played just afterwards. it tops both in my opinion as nintendo finally mastering the formula, and yet, people believe it's too linear or level-based which i guess? i suppose? but i never thought that was a problem, said people probably just want another mario 64.

i would heartily recommend this to anyone, whether you're new to games or a seasoned fan who just happened to never play this before, this is the definitive mario experience to me.

(and shockingly for my standards i say this with no nostalgic bias despite being around for its release i never played it until my first time round at the start of 2021 on the switch)

easily best 3d mario game ive played only one that comes sort of close is odyssey

Esse jogo me faz chorar de tão lindo

Truthfully, this is the one game that i have played that has nearly no flaws and excels in every single category for what makes a game amazing. Platforming at its finest, combined with one of the greatest soundtracks ever within the medium.