Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy

released on Nov 01, 2007

Super Mario Galaxy

released on Nov 01, 2007

A 3D platformer and first Wii entry in the Super Mario franchise, Super Mario Galaxy sees Mario jump across planets and galaxies with varying items, enemies, geographies and gravity mechanics in order to reach his enemy Bowser, who has attacked the Mushroom Kingdom and hijacked Princess Peach's castle with her inside.

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Still the best platformer going in my opinion. Fun levels and cool mechanics but it also has this hidden story via the library section thats super emotional and enables the ending to look even better and even become a tear jerker at times.

Honestly if you're lucky enough to still have a Wii and havent played this, definitely give this a try.

Is it as good as I remember it being as a kid? No, I don't think it can ever live up to that. Is it still one of the best platformers, and one of the best in its series? Of freaking COURSE.

I finally finished what my past self started and unlocked Luigi, and I had a blast doing it. Everything about this game is pure magic. The music, the action, the... story? Yeah, I really love this story and people don't talk about it enough, even if they think they do. IT WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH.

I'm always going to be more biased towards Super Mario 64. It is one of the most important games period, and within my top 3. But Super Mario Galaxy will never be far behind it. It manages to feel uniquely its own while retaining every element that makes Mario so loveable, and I doubt I would even resemble half the person I am today if this game hadn't entered my life.

Who needs an epi pen when you have super mario galaxy?

Honestly though it is good and I do like it, I don't think it's as good as its reputation. The levels are just too linear, I think this kind of 3D Mario sandbox works better with more open level structures.

Joguinho massa doido,mas sem pressa pra zerar.

había estado posponiendo este juego durante muchos años
el ost es una locura lo bien hecho que está
este tipo de juegos normalmente se me hacen repetitivos y me terminan cansando, pero no me pasó con este, siento que sin necesidad de meter un montón de mecánicas nuevas y simplemente aprovechando bien las pocas que tiene, se reinventa en cada nivel y eso hace que no se haga tedioso/cansado/repetitivo