The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D

released on Feb 12, 2015

A Nintendo 3DS remake of the Nintendo 64 game The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask that features graphical modernizations and gameplay changes, including quality-of-life improvements, UI streamlining, additional options for aiming controls and difficulty tweaks.

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þetta er eins og evangelion af tölvuleikjum, það sorglegasta og mest niðurdrepandi sem maður hefur nokkurn tíman séð og svo er ógeðslega uplifting endir þar sem allir eru glaðir og sættast og hallelúja congratulations! Það eina sem dregur þetta niður eru gameplay hlutirnir, aðallega bara að dungeons og bossarnir sökka smá og eru langverstu hlutar leiksins

I love this game’s story to death but I never had an N64 and the gameplay in this remastered version for 3DS wasn’t my favorite. One day I’ll replay it and write a proper review of my thoughts because it’s been a while!

i funking love the legend of zelda..... thsi game is soooo cool. but the countdowns made me piss my pants

While I understand and agree that some of the changes brought by this version may be somewhat questionable and that the Nintendo 64 original remains the definitive experience, I still had plenty of fun because it's still Majora's Mask mostly as I remember and love it. For those who find the original version hard to go back to, I think 3D does more than enough to accommodate new players. Perhaps way too much, to the point it can be somewhat insulting... but I suppose that's just how developers think of their potential players now. Still, a solid version nonetheless.

Except for whatever in blazes they did to Twinmold's fight, that really took a hit in quality... And I don't like fishing in this game.

terrible remake
play the original or play it with the restoration mod

fucked up version of a good game. still better than most games