The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

released on Nov 18, 2011

Skyward Sword is the sixteenth entry in the Legend of Zelda series. The game makes use of the Wii MotionPlus peripheral for sword fighting, with a revised Wii Remote pointing system used for targeting.

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the final few bosses r cool as hell
Imprisoned was neat the first time, probably someone's fetish

Ok negatives first:
So I didn't feel the sense of scale here the same way as in some of my favorite titles from the series, outside of the big battles with evil pac man there is never that feeling of going on an epic odyssey that you get from games like BOTW or Wind Waker, but that's really just a 'vibes' qualm.
A personal problem is that I just don't like motion controls, there were times where I forgot I don't like them here, and the precision sword fighting felt really fresh and different, but I'd be lying if I told you there weren't times where I saw an enemy and got sad because I knew I'd have to put in effort. This game feels like it's being crippled by some inherent and unavoidable jankiness that really drags the gameplay experience down kicking and screaming. It raises up the combat to a pretty unique place but every other element of gameplay either feels lesser than it's predeccessors or sadly sticking to the zelda formula, which I will talk more on shortly.
Despite it's cool combat though, and my biggest problem with the game, is that it doesn't feel like it does anything unique outside of some minor control quirks, it feels like it does very little to progress the series in a franchise where every game has felt like a total reinvention. Even Twilight Princess, which I myself said felt like they were just trying to make Ocarina 2, felt like it really shook things up; outside of a few minor things this feels like it's trying to just fit into the 'legend of zelda' box and sit there comfortably. There were times whilst playing where I thought to myself "this feels like the primary development philosophy was 'how can we make this feel like a zelda game'" which I haven't got from any other titles in this series. And sadly, even when replicating the zelda formula it stumbles. There are things this game uses to try and structure itself, being easily one of the most linear titles out of the 3D zelda offering, but it continuously feels lopsised and disjointed. The evil pac man encounters feel far too scripted and not like a real threat, the dungeons are different lengths and scattered in a strange order, in general this game flounders with both it's controls and structure.

But, of course, there's a caveat to all of this, what I just said seems like a scathing, positively scathing review of this game, but you have to understand that these points are only taking this game in comparison to other Zelda titles. There are no truly bad games in this series and this is no exception. In fact, I can see myself replaying this in a few years now that I know what to expect; and so:

Let's talk positives;
The story was engrossing and compelling, it's not the best the series has to offer but it's got a lot of great characters (groose is a highlight), and Zelda's place in the story is interesting, I just wish she was there more. Moreover, I absolutely loved Ghirahim, he's a lot of fun and feels like a refined version of what Zant became when they decided to actually make him a character in the last third of Twilight Princess. Sadly, unlike twilight princess, zant is clear throughout that he is working for Ganon whereas here it's treated almost as a terrible surprise.
Also good is the watercolor-inspired art design, it's bright and recognisable and, whilst I wish there was more to look at in some areas, really makes the game pop. This is present nowhere more than the time crystals, which perfectly intersect art design and gameplay by allowing for hugely imaginative puzzles and encounters, and whenever I had to use one it was a joy.
Whilst I think the overall structure of the game was poor, the internal structure of each section felt great, and progression within them was always perfectly met and countered.
The beetle; the only major new item addition and it's a doozy, I love me a game that gives you a little drone and this is no exception. Dropping bombs on enemies, cutting spider webs and hitting time crystals was always satisfying, even using it to just grab rupees was a joy.
Production quality; from the cutscenes to every single gameplay section there was a more consistent level of production quality here than I've seen in maybe any other game ever, there's no bad skyboxes, no filler areas, no exposition not worth animating. It's a little thing but it shows a lot of care.
Motion controls; I know I said i don't like motion controls, and I don't, but it'd be dishonest of me not to give props to how well-realised these ones are, even if they are far too pervasive for me.
The combat; Yes, I'm saying it again, I love the combat here, it's not super complex or 'deep' (depending on your definition) but it's compelling and you really have to think at times. I wish every game in this series had combat this engaging.
And Groose; what a fun little guy, these games need better tertiary characters because Groose is now the bar I will judge them by.

Overall this is a great looking game with a great combat system and not much else to offer, missing the handhold just one rung short of being great.

I'm sorry. I couldn't even make it off Skyloft.

They were certainly trying some new things here! A lot of it didn't land super well, and I'm not sure how it held up over time, as the controls were clunky when it was new. But I enjoyed a lot of the dungeons and new weapons and the characters are some of my favorites in the Zelda canon. The sky world was kind of a waste of empty space, though.

Agora sim, controlando a espadinha com precisão, foi bem legal a gameplay diferenciada dessa maneira

Quando lançou eu tava de férias da escola e tudo que eu fazia o dia inteiro era jogar esse Zeldinha, viciante, maravilhoso!

Preciso falar História 10/10 sendo que todos Zeldas são?

E nunca, nunca mesmo vou entender como tem gente que não gosta