Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

released on Jan 14, 1987

The land of Hyrule is in chaos. As Link, you’ll be sent on a treacherous journey to return six precious crystals to their origins in six stone statues. Only by defeating the guardians of the six palaces will you gain passage to the seventh palace, take on the ultimate challenge that awaits you, and wake the Princess Zelda from her sleeping spell. On your way, helpful villagers you encounter will offer clues and secret messages invaluable in your quest. As you guide Link through the levels of Hyrule, close-ups and overviews will enhance your video vision. Are you up to the challenge?

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at first, you might think this game isn't so bad. you might even think this is actually pretty damn fun.
but as you get further and further into this game it becomes increasingly apparent that shigeru miyamoto fucking hates you and wants you to kill yourself.
pro tip: when you get to the final boss, just crouch in the left hand corner of the screen and spam your attack button. trust me.

It was probably mid when it released and now it’s even worse

I have tried to pick up this game so many times and it's just not good. I want it to be, it was just an awful transition from the first game and I know a 2d side-scroller Zelda 'could' work but this doesn't.



é com certeza um dos jogos já cridados

I really want to adore Zelda II, I really do. The combat is an absolute delight and despite being obtuse at times exploring the world is still quite fun. But god, the punishment for getting a game over makes this game unplayable for me. Losing all your XP and having to slowly track all the way back to the dungeon you were at is not fun nor is it challenging. It is a completely waste of the player's time.