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pretty fun and unique concept that i genuinely love but it should be illegal to make a metroidvania game without a map

It only released A couple of months ago, and it's already one of devolvers best games.

Really incredible reverse horror game. Amazing atmosphere because of it's soundtrack and simple yet gorgeous level design

My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined – these were my meme thoughts when I stopped playing Carrion.

Carrion makes one of the most captivating first impressions a game can make with its "The Thing"-esque monster slithering around and chomping down on various dudes with beautifully disgusting animated gore. At first glance, this game looked like something I absolutely had to play. I imagined slinking around through vents, oozing down slowly into a group of oblivious scientists and biting all their heads off before they could react. And to the game's credit, you can very well do just that. But unfortunately, that's about all you do. The encounters get more complicated in some ways, sure, like when the guys get special electric shields and flamethrowers and stuff, but they really just serve to throw frustrating wrinkles into the gameplay rather than an interesting challenge.
As the creature, you do unlock some more mobility options and a handful of powers but it never felt like a full on cohesive metroid type, as you only really have to use each power in areas specifically designed for it.
But, the game doesn't really overstay its welcome and if you're like me, you can just play it free on Gamepass. It's not aggressively bad, and I didn't hate my afternoon spent playing it. And it does have sick ass animations.

meat monster displays little regard for much of anything as it plows through everything you know and love

the graphics are enjoyable, the concept is cool, controlling the monster feels great and the sound design is very well made. Too bad the game never really expands on the gameplay in interesting ways except for two moments. The main mechanics feel wasted as I've never thought they were used in interesting ways to change how you played, most of the time it feels as if they're just there to make you backtrack pointlessly to progress (I get that the game might be going for a metroidvania type of progression system, but as there is no map this doesn't really work, you mostly backtrack randomly until you find an object that you couldn't previously interact with, there is never any cool moments where you actually feel like your character has gotten stronger like in most metroidvanias, just going back to look for very specific items and interacting with them once, in the same way every time, to unlock a new path). The side content is very lackluster as it does not provide any interesting challenges and pretty much just gives you upgrades for your energy or your damage resistance (which are completely useless as the entire game can be very easily completed without any of them). The gameplay can be kind of cool in the beginning but it never really evolves (no pun intended) and gets old really quickly, this isn't really that much of a problem as the game is very short (I was able to 100% in just 5 hours and it has next to no replayability value). In conclusion: Carrion feels like it is missing a lot of content, it could benefit greatly even from small additions like a map of the world, some difficulty options and some more side content.

Im about 90% through carrion. In this game you are a pile of monstrous meat tentacles that slaughters everything in your path on your escape through a lab, wrecking havoc on your way out. Theres so much fun in doing "Alien" type hit and run attacks and watching people screaming in terror. If you enjoy a relaxing but still insanely fun experience, CARRION is for you.

Aunque tiene algunos problemas con el control del monstruo (especialmente con las 3 biomasas) y con el guión, es un juego muy inteligente. Consigue mantener el gameplay simple y profundo, no te pierdes aun no teniendo minimapa y sabe cuanto debe durar.

Giving the player the opportunity to control a terrifying and foreboding fleshy monstrosity, picking off your targets with the animalistic brutality of a pack of hungry lions - much akin to the thing from 'The Thing' or the alien from 'Alien' - Carrion has a fairly unique premise that made me eager to play the game from the day I'd heard of it. Sadly, fails to fully capitalise on the idea's potential.

I feel your mileage for this game will hinge almost entirely on how gratifying you find mindless violence and gore. Personally, I stopped playing with my food barely an hour into the game, when I realised that the enemies are little more than screaming health kits. There is no lore, no dialogue, no justification behind what is happening in this game, outside a handful of "memory" sequences, which were similarly plot anaemic. Novelty can wear thin, and there wasn't a shred of it left come the time the credits to Carrion finally rolled. Encounters and gauntlets quickly become a mere routine that no amount of upgrades could obfuscate. There's only so many times you can hit the same pinata before every last piece of candy has fallen out.

With each level being a samey-looking environment with little to no unique identifying landmarks, and no map to speak of, I found myself completely lost for progress for much of my playthrough. The spritework is stunningly detailed, but none of it clicked with me to a point where I was in awe with what I was looking at. It mostly blurred together as a grossly busy pastiche of repeating assets, vents and corridors. I don't think I ever found myself sure of my place on the map, convincing myself that any step forward I manage to make is by complete coincidence.

The puzzles in this game are impressive, but I can't help but find the size requirements to most of them to be a complete hindrance to the pacing. Pacing back and forward, to and from a blood pool to shrink yourself down so you can use a different set of abilities, then doing the same to size back up. I'm amazed I had the patience.

I can't exactly place why, but Carrion reminds me so much of the PS1 Oddworld games to the point where I wish I was playing those instead. Slig Barracks music played in my head throughout the armory section.

I was hype was too big i think. Very little challenge, a tiny load between every area but it still slows down the gameplay. Fun but simple

Short and sweet. Original premise and shines throughout the whole thing. Just a tad too short, so get it on sale.

I might finish this eventually, idk. It's a fun concept and it's a fun game for a while but it got old for me after like 3 hours. But it's also not a long game from what I understand. People say it takes like 4 or 5 hours to beat on average, which is a perfect length for a game like this imo. Good game, worth picking up.

very nifty game, but a bit short and could use some more levels/design ideas. i love the concept and thought the gameplay was super fun.

Carrion proves its possible for a 6 hour game to be too long. Carrion has a strong initial gameplay hook, but despite adding a few more powers and enemy types along the way, only gives a small handful of things to do over its samey areas. You will be doing the same couple of combat encounters and puzzles the entire way through. I don't think the game is bad really, and controlling the monster is extremely satisfying, its just stretched thin over the course of 6 hours.

It's not a metroidvania at all everything is linear.The only thing that require you to backtrack is the abilities that depends on your size and that's never more than one room.Limiting your abilities on your size is so lazy.It's like playing metroid and having to sacrifice the morphing ball for the speed booster and having to go to a save point to change inbetween.It's a artificial way to make the game longer and a really lazy one.Don't make your game 3 hours next time.

Jogo bem diferente dos usuais e com um final incrível

eh it's fine. too easy to get lost.

When Carrion is trying to be a linear stealth puzzle game it can be pretty engrossing. Figuring out how to take out a huge group of enemies with the monster's unique suite of abilities can be a lot of fun.

What's less fun is wandering around the map aimlessly during segments where the metroidvania map structure comes into play. What's even less fun than that is segments where you have to play as a human slowly plodding along solving braindead puzzles.

Luckily those moments are fairly infrequent and the feeling of mindjacking an enemy and then making them pilot a mech to kill all their comrades makes up for it somewhat.

The game knows what it is, it doesn't waste your time, it's a short but sweet time through a literal hellhole. My only gripe would be the lack of a map.

Que boa surpresa e que jogo gostoso. Os controles são tão fluídos e agradáveis que, para mim, são grande destaque e o que tornam o jogo especial, juntamente com os efeitos sonoros que adicionam uma camada imersão a mais. Ele tem a duração certa para não ficar cansativo, e tem um ritmo bom, onde frequentemente você está descobrindo uma habilidade nova e te motivando a explorar mais o ambiente. É muito legal essa subversão de ser o monstro e brincar com essa quebra de paradigma, por várias vezes eu estava ali, interpretando o personagem, me esgueirando por passagens e espreitando os humanos, esperando a oportunidade certa de atacar e trazer o caos, divertido demais. Também é muito interessante o jeito com que eles pensam os cenários e a movimentação de um personagem tão fora do padrão. A impressão que eu tive dos trailers e da demo era que seria um jogo que rapidamente perderia o charme e ficaria cansativo, que bom que não foi o caso e que ele se manteve interessante até o fim.

I really like bits of this and it's a killer concept, but I think runs into trouble trying to square the exhilaration of destroying a space very quickly and the slower moments of exploration and puzzle solving. I love how naked a power fantasy this is, no context except that you need to eat and these humans have taken everything over. But that frantic energy stalls with the environments, obviously only built to be moved through one time. It's just a stale world with a hell of a hook.

Great environments and visuals in general in spite of the game being based in a run down facility. The game presents little challenge outside of one enemy type due to most enemies collapsing like paper and your monster being able to zip around at lightning speed. Spent the majority of my time being lost due to the lack of map, though this was worsened by the fact that I felt compelled to find all the optional rooms, which simply beefed up my monster further past the stage of overpowered. No real lore to speak of, and completing the optional bits didn't seem to add to the story. Thankfully isn't too long. Loses half a star for making a "Keep Calm And" reference, as much as I enjoy shit puns. What a carrion! (see)

This game is so good at mechanically evoking monster horror. It absolutely nails the feeling of crawling through the air ducts, taking out humans one by one, and inspiring terror in the rest.

As a video game, it's lackluster. It bucks Metroidvania conventions in a number of ways that don't work out in its favor, ending up highly linear and not taking nearly enough advantage of what could be very interesting combat puzzles. But it does some really cool stuff and I'm glad I played it through to the end.

Definitely check this out if you have Game Pass. The art and animation is so great, it feels like playing a classic Flash game on minimum quality.

Idea súper original pero un poco meh cómo se ha hecho.
Debería ser más lineal aún porque no hay mapa y el diseño de los niveles es muy similar entre ellos y te pierdes.
La idea de llevar al monstruo la han desarrollado como han podido pero es como si no estuviera acabado y pudieran hacer mucho más.
Aún así es bastante disfrutable pero un poco decepcionante

Esta guapo el comienzo y como avanzas y la variedad de enemigos, pero rondando la mitad/final el juego deja de ser interesante y es todo lo mismo. Esta bien, pero no tan bien

As I finished Carrion, I felt more like I experienced a great demo than a great game. What carries Carrion as an enjoyable experience are it's aesthetic components and overall feel.

Narrative is as much bare-bones as you can get away with it and mechanically there is not much going on.

The gameplay loop is basically alternating between three sizes and their different abilities to deal with exploration, puzzles and combat. It's a functional idea but the implementation feels weak, something more akin to a demo than a full game.
One reason for that is that after about halfway through the game you've seen pretty much all the possible challenges. Another is that it's metroidvania without a map, so the game expects you to navigate through long, maze-like interconnected areas through sheer memory alone. What results is getting lost, bored and frustrated. I could go on into detail, but I'm lazy, so trust me in this one.

In conclusion, It's very good proof of concept and I hope someone builds further into it.