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It’s fun to play a non-silent protagonist. It’s especially fun to play one so terrible, that does everything you’re not supposed to do.

i did not expect this to be as good as it was, holy shit.
super fun and satisfying gameplay, great character writing, a nice mature feeling atmosphere, i could go on and on about everything that makes this work but damn this was great. i think if you've ever dealt with relationship troubles this'll resonate with you a lot
edit: uhhh there's a bit of problematic content here, mainly some kinda transphobic humor. while i think the character who it revolves around is otherwise handled with respect, it's still not a great look.

Catherine Classic nos presenta un juego de triángulos amorosos, toma de decisiones y varios finales. Con un desafiante plataformero que ha sido de los mejores que me he encontrado, no siendo yo muy amiga de los juegos de plataformas.
La toma de decisiones está bien estructurada e integrada en el juego. Cambiando el curso y el final del juego con cada respuesta.
Los niveles van incrementándose y poniéndose más difíciles y estampa-mandos conforme avancemos. Por no hablar de los jefes, algunos de ellos estrambóticos y de auténtica pesadilla.
Lo cierto es que es un juego la mar de divertido, que se puede jugar a ratitos y sin exigir demasiado, disfrutando de la historia enrevesada y amorosa, por un lado, o bien disfrutando de los cubos y estrategias para superar la torre y llegar a la cima, por otro.
Es muy rejugable, tanto por sus diferentes finales como por los modos para varios jugadores, y difícilmente encontrarás un juego similar que sepa fusionar historia brillante con puzles de manera tan genial como se hace aquí.
Sin embargo, echo en falta que después de tanto tiempo la versión de PC no incluya las novedades de la versión definitiva Full Body. ¿Quizás más adelante en versión DLC?

this game is kinda really dumb and the transphobia is fucking disgusting i can't believe how much i missed on my first playthrough, but it has some really unmatched vibes and i adore its gameplay albeit it can get seriously frustrating at times. it gets a 6 but it's on thin fucking ice

Fun puzzles that are hard but by the end its fun to fly through them. Story is interesting and tense its a fun experience overall!!
Looked at the other endings and wow some are fuckin cray I got the most boring one but it was good i liked it

Tu vai jogar esse jogo por 1 de 4 motivos
1 - Tu quer saber o sentimento de trair teu parceiro
2 - Você é fanboy da Atlus
3 - Tu se interessou pela mecanica de moldar a moral do protagonista
4- Peitos
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i really need to play the other routes after only beating one but even after beating this two years ago i still think about how good it is every once in a while


Beaten, but have yet to finish the achievements

The problem at the core of both this game and the 2 Persona games i've played is that the gameplay feels like purely a mechanism to tell the story. The best games intertwine both; they justify the story being not just a game, but being that specific type of game.
There is no reason Catherine needs to be a block-pushing puzzle game. This wouldn't be that much of a problem if that aspect of the game was fun, but it isn't. Stages range from brain-dead easy to blood-boilingly frustrating with a basically random difficulty curve--I wouldn't call nearly anything in this game "hard" in the sense a puzzle game is normally hard, rather, the difficulty largely comes from navigating the series Random Bullshit the game throws at you: insta-kill blocks, randomly changing geometry, and the like. And when you do die to something, have fun sitting through a 10 second long death screen until you can play again, and then repeating the last 3-5 minutes of menial gameplay to get back to that one section you messed up on. Of course, a game being frustrating and antagonistic isn't a bad thing (the wealth of "troll mario"-esque flash games in the 2000s make that point well enough) but it's just not what I'm looking for in a game, let alone a puzzle game. I don't generally go to games to get more pissed off than I was before starting it, but I know that there are a lot of people who do, so, uh, take that into account, I guess.
Oh, and about the story. As an asexual,
In all seriousness, it's kind of stupid but it's not bad. The ideal situation is just for Vincent to dump both of them since both relationships are clearly abusive towards him, but the game handles this fact with negative tact and forces you to pick one. Which is pretty annoying, but whatever. There's absolutely nothing resonant in this story for me but it's still fun enough to watch Vincent fumble shit over and over again.

One of my favorites. Definitely going to replay for all endings.

A fucking amazing puzzle game completely overshadowed by, (this is a huge statement considering early SMT) the absolute worst writing ever produced by Atlus.

Gameplay is boring and irritating +Bad story writing and bad characters

Muy buenos puzzles y soundtrack (aunque algunos tracks son muy repetitivos). La historia es más madura y menos "anime" en comparación a lo que ha hecho el director con Persona (menos predecible, sin tanta exposición y tropos) pero el final es un tanto condescendiente con su público, ya que por alguna razon Atlus cree necesario que la chica del afro vomite explícitamente la moraleja y simbolismo de la historia al jugador cuando todo eso ya es más que obvio.

Like many atlus games this one has amazing visuals and a deep/dark plot that has a some interesting decision making. The gameplay took a long time to get the hang of but when I did I was hooked. I started to truly understand it basically at the end but its made my 2nd play through that much better!! highly recommend but also suggest sticking with it until the end, trust me.

i left one of the final cutscenes of catherine classic paused for around 30 HOURS. during which, i threw up ALL OVER my bedside table.

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I was expecting likable characters like in the Persona series, that is not what i got. Also, a terrible port

Simplistic and tense gameplay plus a tense and open story equals one of the best games Atlus has made, I still can't believe the writers of the "Operation Babe-Hunt" scene could put together something that not only has unique routes but a story that got me invested in characters and had a point to make about love lol

Great story with great 60FPS(!) gameplay

An interesting, fun, and unique puzzle game with a really cool story and crazy nice atmosphere.

One of the best Atlus games ever made with an amazing story and addicting gameplay loop and a lot of choices to be made.

good puzzle game, story is fun on a first playthrough, but the different paths don't branch out enough to justify a second go around.

Melhor que o fracassado do Persona 5

Muito bom! A gameplay de puzzle é unica e desafiadora, os dialogos do jogo são excelentes, os Npcs do jogo são bem bacanas de se dialogar, principalmente os do bar, achei bem bacana tb a forma q eles vão desaparecendo conforme tu progide no jogo devido aos pesadelos, o bar tb é bem bacana de se jogar, alem de dialogar com os npcs da pra beber, trocar a musica q toca no bar, descer o cagao, responder as mensagens, jogar o minigame da Rapunzel. A História tb é boa, tem uns twists muito bons e cria umas situações muito boas que contribuem pra fazer o jogador sentir empatia pelo protagonista. A tematica central do jogo tb é boa, 8.8