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Fun story, great gameplay, great music. Definitely in my top 10 but its not a perfect game.

I've actually been dreading to write this review for a while now, since I feel like Catherine's overall reception is... not so good for the most part (from what I've read atleast). That didn't stop me from having a blast in my time with it though and here's why.

As for the gameplay, the puzzles are fun, controls are simple and responsive. Once you learn a bunch of techniques as you play through the game, you can really feel how your skills improve (like in a fighting game) and this knowledge will carry over to each of the puzzles you do. Getting the hang of the mechanics just feels very satisfying and being able to master dealing with certain blocks you once had problems with is great. Overall it's genuinely some of the most fun and unique gameplay I've experienced (...Final Boss aside, but more about that later).

Catherine doesn't only excel in the gameplay department, it also has a great art direction and a very fitting soundtrack. It's really cool when the main menu reflects the characters' personalities already without actively spelling it out to the player. Katherine is being shown sitting in the shadows with Vincent being chained to the wall by her side, while Catherine herself appears in the foreground in the menu and changes her position depending on your navigation through the menu, presenting her "freedom" and being able to do what she wants. Maybe I'm interpreting too much into this and it wasn't the intention of the developers at all, but the fact that a menu even allows me to make those theories is good enough to me. Main menu aside, the entire game has a gloomy mood overall that's conveyed really well. I don't know if it's the lighting in the bar, the soundtrack, or the characters Vincent meets along the way. It's hard to describe and yet it feels like everything's at the right place somehow.

The story itself is actually pretty simple, but it was also intriguing enough for me to always look forward to what would come next. As a semi-Megaten game, Catherine features a "morality meter", and it basically works just like the alignment system in the Shin Megami Tensei games in a way that your answers to the characters will affect Vincent's morality and the further course of the storyline. However, you shouldn't just worry about how Vincent's doing, because other familiar faces are having the same nightmares as him and if you're not willing to listen to their problems properly, they might meet a sudden end...

Everything I said has been quite positive so far, but I'd also like to address some aspects that bothered me and... could just have been left out entirely. Let's start with the boring complaint first - I didn't like the Final Boss. They were too RNG-based for my likings and the sudden random homing attacks and the move that pauses you mid-movement (really great when you're standing on a trap block!) got somewhat frustrating after a few tries. In defense of the game, I could have just used the provided checkpoints to make it a little easier for me, but I wanted to get the Gold Prize for the level, so I had to do it without any checkpoints at all. This resulted in the final stretch before the last goal being one of the most intense parts in gaming for me (the music really elevated that feeling). Skill issue? Maybe.

My second complaint is the use of absolutely unnescessary transphobia in two scenes. This is an issue many other people are also having with the game, so I think it's really important to address this problem. Erica, one of the characters in Catherine, is a trans woman who has been friends with Vincent's gang since high school and works as a waitress at the bar. I don't even want to go in detail about what exactly is said, since I feel that's rude, but basically one of the scenes in Katherine's True Ending (which is a good ending by the way) has a character suddenly deadname Erica and making a rude remark about her. Got me rolling my eyes and pretend the scene just never happened (since it bears no importance on the story anyways), so I could just blank it out and not let it affect my overall enjoyment of the game I love so much for all the other reasons I mentioned.

Anyways, I just picked up Full Body on an eShop sale yesterday and am really looking forward to experiencing this game again in a new coat of paint (and especially to see how Rin is integrated into the story). Persona 3 Reload is also coming along nicely, almost done with it now. Speaking of Persona, did you know Catherine was originally a tech demo for Persona 5? That would make it the best tech demo I've played since Portal. In any case, thanks for reading.

No es un juego para mi, y siento que hay demasiado potencial desperdiciado en la historia que quiere contar. Las elecciones son simplistas y no me gusta que la historia solo se bifurque al final, no se siente merecido. Pero en fin, Katherine best girl.

The animation is great, but if you don't particularly like playing puzzle game with a timer and confusing control, I recommend simply watching the story on youtube. The puzzle game isn't just something that break up the pacing. It takes up 90% of the playtime and it gets pretty frustrating even on Easy.

The story itself isn't great either. It's repetitive and the two main female characters barely gets any characterisation. You choices made throughout the game make practically no difference except for the endings. The MC is always panicking on screen and you won't get to see any real romance until the very end. You won't even get to know what it was in them that attracted the MC nor what did the girls see in the MC. So if you're looking for a dating sim with hot anime waifu and harmless casual mini-games like I did, better look elsewhere.

Truly a classic.

The story is interesting enough to absorb you in it from the get-go. Adding challenging yet fun puzzle gameplay in between the story beats makes this game one of the best things I've played.

Just watch a YT video of all cutscenes from this game, and you'll get a better experience overall. Decent story bogged down by frustrating gameplay

Bought the game cause i saw huge anime boobs on the cover and soyjacked and did not come in expecting a 15 hour block pushing puzzle extraordinaire. Kept trying my damned hardest to be loyal to my wife but they had to wedge in drama and make Mr. Sheeps-his-pants the most unintelligible doofus ever written.

hard as shit for some reason like bruh i just wanna watch the story

Muita coisa, alguns controles são tiltantes, diria uns 3%... O que não te impossibilita de aproveitar ainda a gameplay que é viciante. A trama é boa. A trilha sonora é demais.

good game, bad port (would give it a higher rating otherwise)

got it at as a gift from my partner in crime. They like the game a lot, and honestly i wouldn't have played it otherwise. i am so glad i did. the gameplay is really really fun. idk why a lot of people complained about the puzzles (it kinda scared me cuz i'm dumb), but i was surprised to find it the most enjoyable part of the game.

best birthday gift <3

- Catherine or Katherine ? -
Qué buen juego con un gameplay sólido y retador, su história es muy buena, ya que tu puedes escoger que rumbo va a tener tú vida durante todo el desarrollo.

plot twist was pretty stupid and the ending dragged but the core love triangle was great and the core gameplay is so much more fun than it has any right to be

Wow, I remember having tons of fun with this haven't completed the extra challenges and story beats that come with them, but I will if I ever delve into full body.

A tightly constructed funny moody excellent puzzle game with a familiar Altus charm and with persona esque life-sim (Kinda) moments in between puzzles where you talk and advance side quests with characters all within the confides of a local bar. Themes of love maturity life decisions ECT. All the characters were enjoyable if not that complex, and I found myself caring for their outcomes. Decisions were hard to make too, nice and tough stuff to chew on. Especially knowing it would all impact my ending.

No issues really found no bugs side content was really fun from what little I played. Great stuff, might be my 1st or 2nd favourite Altus game.

Ótima sacada da Atlus em começar por um jogo tão experimental quanto esse pra introduzir a nova engine pra Persona 5. A história é bem simples porém possui uma profundidade narrativa bem interessante, adorei os conflitos internos de alguns personagens. Mas em geral é bem simples e expositivo. "literal eles explicam tudo que aconteceu no final KKKKKK q tosco". Mas oq mais me agradou foi a gameplay 100%, ótimos puzzles

Eu fiquei completamente obcecada por esse jogo num ponto que eu estava sonhando com os puzzles (preocupante)

Acho que o único ponto negativo é que as decisões so importam no último momento, mas ainda sim nao é algo taaaao ruim

Great game, why the fuck does it need to block me from streaming it to discord or USING LINUX!!!!

Have yet to finish it at the time of writing due to its Baba is You approach to difficulty, but I think it’s safe to call Catherine one of the most unapologetically auteurial video games I’ve played. It’s absurdly unique— pretty much the only piece of media I can think of to cross block pushing with girlfriend cheating, and in that regard it’s extraordinarily well realized. Tense, mind bending escape sequences are so masterfully woven together and juxtaposed with chill, Yakuza style bar crawls. But just as Vincent’s nightmare towers crumble below him during his climbs, so too are his reprieves brief. When hanging out at the Stray Sheep, time passes as you talk to each character, check your texts, even take a hard earned slug of beer. A mantra of Persona 5 (for which Catherine was a tech demo) is “take your time”, but here alas you are afforded very little— it’s keep moving or die gruesome after all. But where our tragic protagonist has to suck this up with a pit in his stomach, his journey is hardly grueling from the player perspective (though it is REALLY fucking hard at times). Gameplay is tight and snappy, challenging but fair, so much so that it even attracted a small yet dedicated corner of the FGC. Combine that with its brilliant excellently paced writing and you’re in for a treat, just keep in mind one with both a high skill ceiling AND floor.

Why do tech demos always hit so hard?

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This is a tough one, because the story was so fun to watch unfold. The texting system, drinking mechanic, the alcohol trivia, the art, all of it is so great. The only issue is that the game itself is not fun to play at all. About 3/4 of the way through the game, (6-3) I gave up and changed the difficulty to easy. This made the game slightly more fun, except that the narrative relied on the game being difficult to work. If they made the puzzles less trial and error based, it would be better.

esse jogo merecia mais atenção ele tem um sistema de puzzle mais reativo muito bom e explora ele na medida certa, com uma historinha que entregou mais do que eu esperava

is this the edging i keep hearing about

hardest smt game

change the sound settings to this so you can actually hear what's happening in game without everything being too loud
Master Volume: 10
Sound FX Volume: 7
Music Volume: 9
Dialog Volume: 10
Cinematic Volume: 8
Environment Volume: 8

genuinely too autistic for this game /srs (genuinely /srs i have never been more /srs in my life)

Desculpa, mas eu não gostei desse jogo...Meu amigo diz que é porque eu não sou homem. Mas deve ser bom pra bastante gente :P

Cool game, can't see all the fuzz is about but yeah, cool.

Unique to say the least. This kind of games reminds me why I am a gamer and why I want to remain a gamer

Mais um dos grandes acertos da Atlus. Catherine é um jogo cativante, com diálogos encantadores, um elenco de personagens memorável e uma jogabilidade que consegue ser desafiadora dentro do bom senso.

Apesar de curta, a história não deixa pontas soltas e não tenta explorar aspectos que poderiam ser desinteressantes, como a origem dos demônios ou a mecânica dos sonhos. Para o jogador, esses são elementos de plano de fundo, e aprecio que a empresa tenha tratado esses elementos dessa maneira.

Um jogo que sabe exatamente qual mensagem transmitir, acho que esta seria a melhor frase para resumir Catherine. Uma experiência divertida, envolvente e que não tenta ser mais profunda do que precisa; certamente, um dos jogos mais elegantes que já tive a oportunidade de zerar.


I remember really liking this game, but I think I played through it in a fugue state. I'll have to revisit sometime.

I mostly played this game for my past self. I remember seeing the game when it came out and watching Let's Plays, however, I was too young to actually buy the game. It wasn't until a year or so ago that I found myself actually being able to play it. It interesting game to say the least. It is definitely something I'd expect from a game developer like Atlus. Those devs are a bunch of horny fools. I enjoyed the game. Can't say I was amazing at it, struggled on some nights. However, I got through and got the true good ending! Was proud of myself with that one.

I know they came out with another version of the game. Catherine: Full Body. However, I probably would never play that. It doesn't sit right with me. I can't trust Atlus with anything concerning trans or gay people.