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A little bit of a weird patch as far as x.3 patches go given how x.3 patches usually tend to go, but I wouldn't say I consider it bad. Admittedly I think that comes from the fact that this is the first patch cycle I've been around for, so I'm not over here like "this is underwhelming!" or "there's no content!" because I don't really have the expectations of x.3 hype outside of a vague knowledge of how things have been paced through the years.
I really have been enjoying Zero's character arc a whole lot! The void stuff is neat, although it is definitely FF4 fanservice-heavy. I do think one of FF14's strengths is reimagining things from other games in the series as fitting into its own lore and as their own characters, so its take on the Four Fiends is good as hell. I do hope we get a full set of Fiends+Golbez minions at some point because I love them dearly, and holy shit, I'm so glad they got Hyadain to do the boss music. It's so good...
As far as side stuff goes, I was really happy to see characters and concepts from like forever ago that I thought had been completely forgotten about get nods in the Alliance Raids and Deep Dungeon. The Alliance Raid was a lot of fun, even if its final vocal track was not quite as good as In The Balance... though that's kind of like saying coming in second in the Olympics is a disappointment.
As far as the crafting stuff goes, I haven't completed Splendorous Tools yet but oh my god if you're mad there isn't a relic grind there sure is that! The Loporrit tribe questline was cute, but I feel like it felt maybe a little too self contained. I feel like the devs took the wrong message from the mess of content required for the 5.x role quest capstone by trying to completely isolate the 6.x role quest capstone instead of just... using the Unending Codex to catch people up... with that said, it was going to be difficult to live up to the Omicron questline so I can't really say I'm too disappointed that it wasn't quite as good. Also the Anden questline was pretty great, I'm really glad the First continues to be relevant to things even if it's in a weird place narratively.
Hildibrand was proof that video games are indeed art. Truly some of gaming's best moments.
Anyway on to 6.4, which is hopefully an absolutely wild time! I'm so excited for Lahabrea's Wild Ride.

Final Fantasy XIV: Gods Revel Lands Tremble (6.3)
Se me hizo super corto el parche, la trama está guay, pero tengo ganas de lo que se viene ahora.
Aglaia 2, la ost genial como siempre, y los bosses del medio me han gustado más que el final, pero está guay.
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Zero is very quickly becoming one of my favourite characters. Her development is very satisfying to see and I cannot wait for the game to explore more about her experiencing life in Eorzea.
Though I think this patch was good. I found 6.2 to be a bit more interesting as it experimented with the use of the Thirteenth and I loved that.
The alliance raid is incredible and is probably the best we have gotten maybe in the whole game? The song “Dedicated to Moonlight” is such a tune.

Zero is the baddest bitch in the game. Y'all will see the vision soon enough. inshallah

Zero voidsussy 😃👍

can't believe zero is 100% speedrunning her way into becoming my favorite character

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Honestly, I'm not very interested in the post-EW story now compared to before. I had a lot of intrigue in 6.2, I really liked the exploration and development of the void in the last patch, So when I saw that we were most likely not going back in the trailer I was disappointed but I quickly put a lid on that candle to see what would happen anyway.
I like how the villains played us but I kinda thought everything else was really okay, Something felt off about the scions this time around. I get that what's happening makes sense for zeros character but I'd really like some more backstory on her to be fully won over I still feel like I'm at the doorstep waiting for more, Hopefully, this is resolved by the next patch. If I recall correctly Ishikawa isn't writing this arc for the most part and I can kinda tell especially with Golbez and his motivation. I just really hope 6.4 is more than just us trying to get back into the void.
The new alliance raid is pretty good but the more I can tell it's not as challenging as Agalia. I also feel like this patch is severely lacking in new content compared to 6.1 and 6.2, I really wish we got 3 new PVP maps instead of 1 new one :/

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