Living life with a SSS in style.
My views are mine and mine alone. I like what I like and I just feel out what my mind thinks.
I'm not that smart so I just talk about the things that come to mind when discussing any game and the level of nuanced thought I'm willing to put into it varies depending on various factors such as time of day, seasons etc.
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Cave Story Sex RPG 2007

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Team Ninja are experts at picking the worst elements of their games to make entire DLC's around.

It should be illegal to make a game with this much raw quality on display here and also have it be a godamn motherfucking piece of shit gacha game. I really want to know what led us to this age in which games of this scale are only allowed to exist by the promise of the studio hooking a couple thousand poor bastards into becoming whatever level of sea creature they associate with inordinate spending.

Bum ass fighting game for dudes who get no bitches and stack no paper