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really enjoyed it but had to abruptly stop because some graphics during scene transitions didn't work well with my laptop and would crash the game each time it loaded that character. haven't had time to see if the problem is fixed since then

Not as good as the first one,but this one has better lighting though? and UI?

Really liked this one, the gameplay it's almost the same as the first game but now you can make choices that impact the story of the game which it's a good addition and gives a good replay value for the game, the music and the art of the game it's still phenomenal and it's far better than it's predecessor and it makes you wonder if they could somehow remake the first game and add these new features to the game.

It's such a shame honestly. The writing of this game is stellar, especially the conversations. The choices I can make feel like they have a point and a consequence.

I often found myself absorbed, really living the story through the characters. To the point where some situations hit a bit too close to home and made me reflect on life, it's purpose and all that. That's pretty strong from a game honestly.

But that's the issue, as a 'game' i's pretty tedious. Walking around is extremely slow and you sometimes have lots of backtracking to do (two scenes in particular).

Another thing is that, this behind a prelude, the end doesn't fall flat, something that I didn't like in the first game. The whole thing connects a bit better.

I found this very hit and miss. The art style is brilliant and the writing often very good, but the gameplay is so woefully tedious. From the overabundance of forced walking (even the "sprint" button isn't much faster) to a laborious mid-game puzzle involving a volatile liquid, it just felt like it was padding itself out despite only being around 2.5 hours long.