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Jonathan Blow is the Elon Musk of indie games

Wow. I'm so surprised to see the negative reviews for this, because its easily my favourite puzzle game ever. Its actual genius game design, with a simple enough puzzle concept that is built upon and built upon to create an open world that is just amazing to explore and unlock piece by piece.
People who say its boring, or tedious, or pretentious can fuck right off. Its a masterpiece.

My favorite puzzle game of all time and the most satisfying Plat I've ever gotten. This game fits so perfectly with how my brain operates and scratches an itch that no other game has managed to satisfy since. It's quite literally the perfect puzzle game for me and if I could wipe it from my brain so I could do it all again, I would.

Disclaimer: These are my brief thoughts based on my memory of playing this 7 years ago: