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Jonathan Blow's disdain for accessibility is outmatched only by his burning hatred of completionists and speedrunners. Half of all the puzzles in the game revolve around proving you don't have aphantasia, and there are entire sound- and color-themed sections of the island that aren't particularly well designed to begin with, but are completely unsolvable for a Deaf or colorblind player, in a game with no accessibility options whatsoever. To his credit, you at least don't need to complete all sections to unlock the endgame. However once you get to that endgame, there is no skip button for the moving and flickering screens designed to cause motion sickness and seizures.

Don't get me wrong, The Witness also has many fun and interesting puzzles that don't alienate disabled players, which is why I feel compelled against simply rating the game as low as possible, despite my many grievances about the squandered potential and active antagonism of the player. I think it's really cool whenever a puzzle has multiple valid (and accepted!) solutions that reconfigure the environment in a different way depending on which one you last entered, but then I have to complain again because the integration between the 2D puzzle screens and the 3D environment they affect is trash. Every animation is deliberately crafted to be as slow as a tortoise dipped in molasses for no reason. This includes the player's movement: The default walking speed is a crawl and the "run" button enables a light jog. There are also numerous puzzle screens that waste your time by turning off if you get the answer wrong, demanding you repeat a previous puzzle you already solved before you can try again. Supposedly this is a precaution to penalize guessing, but really it just punishes experimentation.

The meta for criticizing The Witness seems to be that it's a glorified phone game and didn't need this budget-necessitating 3D world to solve 2D line puzzles. Personally I would have been happy just solving line puzzles with pretty backgrounds but it feels like the game is trying to thwart my attempts to enjoy it at every turn.

Je bave sur mon clavier avec des énigmes Roblox et tu crois que je suis allé plus loin que le tuto :d
Je réfléchis un peu à la première énigme et j'y rejoue

The only game that makes me question my I.Q.