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As far as post-hiatus Homestar Runner stuff goes, this was pretty good! I had kinda felt that this series was leaning a little too far into in-jokes and call-backs so I was glad to see this game put more focus on just, y'know, regular jokes. (The call-backs and stuff are still there, but they're not front-and-center. You can enjoy this even if you don't have encyclopedic knowledge of every Homestar Runner cartoon)
The voice acting is great as always, and there's a lot of funny lines and interactions hidden in the many, many lines you get by looking at, talking to, and trying to get/use everything you can click on. My one complaint is that trying to find "hidden actions" (achievements) can get really frustrating in the second and third episodes, given how easy it is to accidentally advance the story and how obtuse the hints can be. But that's not really gonna matter if you're just playing casually

As someone who played the original to death, I can tell you this is a pretty damn faithful port. I do have a few nitpicks (a lot of sound effects play at the wrong pitch and none of the returning cousins have the redesigns they got in the original) but if you're playing for the first time that won't really matter.
The new content is, unfortunately, definitely the weakest part of this game. The Royal Reverie levels are boring at best and frustrating at worst, with significantly more awkward translation than the rest of the game. The Namco stickers, while cute, require you to constantly be wearing the camera accessory if you want to actually interact with them (though, to be fair, the camera being an equipable accessory was a problem in the original as well).
Still, both of these are purely optional and can be ignored without any consequences. If you've never experienced the original PS2 game before, I'd definitely recommend picking it up. Maybe if it does well enough, we can convince them to port Katamari Forever next...

I was really, really, really angry at this game when it came out, as were a lot of Paper Mario fans, but, like, look. It's been over a decade now. We need to stop pretending this game is the worst thing to ever grace this earth. It's underwhelming for sure but we have to move on. Please. I'm not the spry and energetic 15-year-old I was when this game came out. I don't have the energy to be mad about this game anymore. Just let this game go.