This review contains spoilers

I have the scarab mission imprinted in my brain.

Brings back good memories from my childhood.

In my biased opinion the best Pokémon experience there is.
It's got everything I love about Pokémon:
-Amazing starters (Mudkip is my favourite Pokémon)
-Great Pokédex, especially legendaries
-Beutiful sprites
-Not too confusing map/story progression
-Crazy good soundtrack
-Mr. Briney and his Wingull <3

I just love this game. For me there is a lot of nostalgia with it too, as I played it a lot as a kid. This game nudged my music taste toward rock/metal from an early age, which has defined my music taste.
And YES the setlist is that amazing! The game has its songs on an album on Spotify, GO LISTEN TO IT!

Arguably the best game to fall back to when you just need to pump time into something.
If you are a person who loves min-maxing builds, seeing high damage numbers and enjoy power fantasy games, this is a perfect game for you.