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My favorite RPG of all time, this game perfected building your character, there is zero quest markers! You have to figure everything out by yourself, looking at quest journal that your character writes, each quest probably has at least 2 ways to complete it, with diffrent results, rewards and making new enemies or friends along the way. For example there is a quest to find an orc weapon, however orc is kind of an end game enemy, so you go exploring after you hear from a wall guard in the city that an orc was sighted along the wall not so long ago and so you go to check it out and there it is, a cave filled with skeletons and missed arrows, in the middle there it is, the weapon. Second thing that i think this game does perfectly is open world - It is quite small in today's standards, BUT it is not accesible for you at the beginning, there are reasons why you cannot go and explore dangerous areas, well these are really dangerous, you need to train, level up, find equipment and the map opens up and oh boy is the map good. A LOT of things to find, secrets, enemies, items, weapons, artefacts, quests, NPC's going about their life. Such an experience, if you don't mind a bit clunky (but extremely fun if you learn it) fighting, a bit outdated graphics YOU HAVE TO GIVE THE GAME A TRY!

While having some good ideas and few interesting quests, the game do not seem to understand its own universe. Most mutants that are roaming the wastelands should not even be here. Main story of Fallout 3 is in pure Bethesda fashion boring and predictable, however I remember being pleasantly surpirsed with quest in which i could decide fate of Megaton, at least some things important for the first two games were present here.

Probably the worst Fallout game to date, it threw world building done by previous games and threw it into the bin. Instead of interesting characters and factions it all came down to meaningless quests and activities. Weapon crafting at first seem like a good and fun idea, however after a while you get a feeling that it is very shallow. I personally also hate the way they treated power armors, instead of cool achievement after completing many things and getting trained to use it, you just get it at first main quest and is just like a mech that you go in and out of. World is also filled with garbage, like after so many years of living in the wastelands could no one just clean it up? There are skeletons laying around like some kind of furniture. RPG elements are now skills that give you a few percents to damage or allow you to build a new structure. Dialogues come down to four answers none of which are what you want to say, heck you do not even know what exactly will your character will say. While exploration and gunplay are kind of okay, the rest is complete garbage. This game is a disgrace for the Fallout series... Unfortunately TV Series for which I had high hopes for seem to take a lot of inspiration from this Bethesda trash. Really hope that this series will get some more love, perhaps Obsidian can make it happen.