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This review contains spoilers

This time, instead of a review, I would like to introduce a certain video of Ace Attorney 4.
Gyakuten Saiban 4(Ace Attorney 4) is good or bad?
Note: This video is a short story created in the Let's Create! Gyakuten Saiban/γ€γγ‚γ†οΌι€†θ»’θ£εˆ€. Let's Create! Gyakuten Saiban is an Ace Attorney short case generator created by Capcom. It is an application like Capcom's official Ace Attorney Online. Adobe Flash app, so official support is no longer available. There was also an official Capcom website where user-created short stories were published. The linked video is a backup to that short story. And the text below is an English translation of the text in video. To distinguish between the AA4 Japanese and AA4 international versions, the names are alphabetical versions of the Japanese ones.
Ace Attorney 4 = Gyakuten Saiban 4, Phoenix = Naruhodo, Edgeworth = Mitsurugi, Judge = Saibancho, Maya = Mayoi, Gumshoe = Itonoko
Gyakuten Saiban 4 is good or bad?
On a certain date in 2008
District Court
Saibancho: Hi. Today we will have a trial to determine the rating of Gyakuten Saiban 4.
Mitsurugi: The prosecution is ready, Your Honor.
Naruhodo: The defence is ready, Your Honor.
Saibancho: First of all, I would like to ask both of you frankly. Gyakuten Saiban 4 is good or bad?
Mitsurugi: Well, well. Is this a joke? I have not appeared in GS4. That alone is enough to say GS4 is a bad game!!
Naruhodo: That's your subjective view!
Naruhodo: Yes, I was practically the protagonist of GS4. So GS4 is a good game!
Mayoi: ...That's subjective for Naruhodo-kun, isn't it?
Mitsurugi: ....Ha. That Naruhodo is you, not you.
You've just been forced to fit into the character you were originally created to be!!
Naruhodo: Ugh! Don't say things that might offend somebody!
Mitsurugi: And because of your protagonist-like behaviour, you've overshadowed the new protagonist!!
Naruhodo: Ggh! (Sorry, ....Daijobu-kun) (Refers to Apollo Justice.)
Mayoi: You've got the wrong name! Naruhodo-kun!!
Saibancho: Well, well. ....Let's calm down for once.
I would like to hear positive opinions from you all, not negative ones...
Naruhodo: ................
Mitsurugi: ................
Saibancho: ................
Saibancho: Everyone, don't be silent!! S....stop it! Any more and Capcom-sama will be furious!
Naruhodo-kun's reasons for quitting his job as a lawyer are weak or,
The fact that Garyu Aniki(Refers to Kristoph Gavin) has become a small character who doesn't seem to be the last boss, and a comedy character who spoils the catharsis of the storyline development or,
The fact that the character personalities in GS4 as a whole are different from AA1 to AA3, making the characters physiologically unacceptable or,
The fact that the storyline and case tricks in episode 3 are too sloppy or,
That there are no defendants whom they would want to defend or,
"Zak's behaviour is crazy and doesn't make sense lmao." or,
You must never say such a thing!
Naruhodo: (You said it all!!) Your Honor! As I said, anything more than this could seriously offend Capcom!
Let's just praise and praise GS4 from here on out and put the debate here to bed!!
Mitsurugi: Makoto-chan, so cute, Makoto-chan!! (Refers to Vera Misham.)
Saibancho: I envy you Daian's regent, oh myyyyyy! (Refers to Daryan Crescend.)
Mayoi: And the music is awesome!
Naruhodo: I'm looking forward to AA5!!
........H-here. Mitsurugi, you're next!
Mitsurugi: Ggh....! W-wait. Desperately looking for it now...
M-music is great!
Naruhodo: Objection! That's what Mayoi-chan already said!
Mitsurugi: Ah!? Ughhhhhhhhh!
Saibancho: There's nowhere to praise.... nowhere to praise!!
Gumshoe: I mean, you guys. Do you have time on your hands?
Author: (I'm sorry, GS4 fans, Capcom.)
Me: I won't write my personal opinion about GS4 here, as the above video says most of what I want to say. The only little thing I can say is that I would recommend this yuzai x muzai because it simulates almost perfectly one of the problems of GS4, the jury system. (The problem is that yuzai x muzai is not translated into Japanese. ...I probably won't write a review.) Incidentally, "Gyakuten Saiban 4 is good or bad?" was posted twice, both times deleted by Capcom lol.

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