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Fallout 3 was my first Fallout game. Got it for free back in the Xbox 360 Games with Gold benefit. I played through about half of the main quest and stopped playing for some reason. Two console generations later, I finally beat the game. I did not have high expectations, but this blew everything I did expect out of the (purified) water! I loved getting to talk my way through situations with great dialogue options, and making allies with some great characters. These things are fine and dandy, but the story is what captivated me the most this time. I didn't realize how quickly things ramp up after a certain point, but once I got about 3/4 through the main quest, I literally couldn't put the game down until I knew how it ended. And on that note, the ending was beautiful.

Another fantastic JRPG from Atlus that is finally available on all platforms. While not my favorite Persona, it's still a great journey and I highly recommend it.

A classic shooter that oozes atmosphere and has one of the most interesting stories presented in this medium. A must-play for any shooter fans.



A fun arcadey shooter with lots of explosions and over the top action. Even though it was due to budget reasons, I really enjoyed the style of the cutscenes of this game. The cutscenes kept me hooked. Definitely worth a play if you like FPS games.




genuinely one of the best FPS games i’ve played. for coming out in 2006 this game was impressive. i remember when i first played it, i was about 6 and had no idea what i was doing. years later i’m 17 and decided to beat it. my favourite part about the game was the weapons. the guns feel amazing, it can be slow to aim but honestly it fit perfectly. the option to go guns blazing or assassinate everyone by just equipping or unequipping a silencer is so cool. the mechanics feel very smooth for an XBOX game. my second favourite part about the game is the environment. the level design was excellent i didn’t feel bored when i was traversing through the levels. i had a a lot of fun exploding half the environment. i think it’s super fucking cool that this game had this level of in depth design. a lot of games that have destructive environments don’t do it well or it’s mad clunky. but BLACK exceeds these expectations. my third favourite part of the game was the atmosphere. the moments where you just got done fighting for your life and picking up your loot feels so satisfying. im not sure how to explain it. i loved the missions where you’re alone. it feels so good being able to stealth around and just headshot everyone without being scene. makes me feel like i’m playing ODST. now this game isn’t perfect it has its flaws like the story isn’t that crazy, it had a cool plot twist but a boring start. the soundtrack could use some work since half the time your playing it’s nowhere to be heard. which made the world feel empty for me. but overall for a game that came out in 2006 this is awesome.

It was fun while it lasted. That is, for two hours.
A bit of a bummer that most deductions ended up being me randomly trying combinations because the hints did not make sense at all.

Trivia Time!

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link famously features an NPC who introduces himself by saying "I AM ERROR." This portly neckbeard character is a cameo representing everyone who would spend the next few decades whining about Zelda II being bad. His name is a reference to the fact that every single one of them is WRONG!

Did you know that this game secretly rules, but we made it super hard because 80s Famicom gamers were just built different? All you need in order to have a good time with this one in 2024 is save states or rewind, and we've blessed you Zoomers with both of those on the Wii U, 3DS, and Switch. If that's not good enough for you, free walkthroughs have been on the internet for literally longer than most of you have been alive.

Zelda II gave you that Smash Bros Zelda Temple music. It gave you Dark Link. And have you seen the final boss?? That thing's nuts!

This is the one that separates the Child Links from the Adult Links. Don't be a crybaby. Don't believe the anti-hype. Zelda II owns.

Stay tuned for more Trivia Time segments in the near future!

All the sounds and art and music are amazing. If TMNT is your favorite thing ever, you're eating good with this game because with all the references and side characters packed in it meant the game was filled with stuff I recognized and stuff that seemed very obscure. It wasn't as creative with the mechanics as some of the new beat em ups I've played nor was it really challenging at all, but this is easily one of the best out there. 10/10 presentation.

I could have used a bit more characters. Casey Jones unlocking after you beat the game is like, what? I'm done now. And this game doesn't seem to have the replayability to get another playthrough out of me. I see there's some DLC for more characters, but more levels as well would have done wonders for adding replayability into the game.

Sequel, please!

Donkey Kong Country 2 took everything that made its predacessor great and cranked it up to 11. I seriously mean everything. The visuals, the music, the gameplay, the levels, the story are all major upgrades from an already fantastic platformer.

While the story isn't great it is much better than the original. The original is legitamately Kaptain King K. Rool stole all of Donkey Kong's hoard of bananas. In DKC2 the stakes are raised from bananas to Donkey Kong’s life as he is kidnapped by King K. Rool. It's now up to Diddy Kong and newly introduced Dixie Kong to save the day. Dixie and Diddy are far and away my favorite two characters in the franchise so it was so much fun to have the entire game revolve around them. The gameplay is smooth and feels great even today. To be fair the original DKC also had smooth gameplay but I always found myself using the limber and quick Diddy over the lumbering DK. In DKC2 Diddy controls identically to the original DKC but now instead of a slower based powerful DK you get a second quick character in Dixie Kong. Plus Dixie comes with my favorite movement in the entire series with her hair spin which functions similarly to Peach's float mechanic in the Mario series. You will absolutely need that hairspin as this game is very difficult, especially the bonus stages. Every world out side of the first is sprinkled with a few very difficult levels which I appreciate.

The levels in DKC 2 put other platformers of this generation to shame. From a pirate ship, to a volcano, to a swamp, to a run down amusement park, to a giant castle this game takes you to many different locations that all feel fleshed out and keep the levels intersting and fresh. Not to mention they are gorgeous graphically. In my opinion it is some of the best graphics of the entire SNES library. The pirate, amusement park, and the bee hive levels absolutely pop with vibrant and beautiful color schemes. The swamp, castle, and volacono have a completely different tone with a much darker palette but equal in beauty just in a much different way. The animations on the enemies and the Kongs were top notch for the time. My favorite animation, which is also one of my favorites of all time, is when you complete a level and Diddy Kong breaks outs a boom box and starts rapping while Dixie pulls out a guitar and start slaying. It’s also very fitting that they celebrate their victory with music as this game with out a doubt has a top tier sound track of all time. As many great qualities that DKC boasts the star of the game is the abusrdly beautiful OST.

DKC2 is rightfully thought of as one of the greatest 2D platformers of all time and this is absolutely a game you should play.

My favorite 100 games of all time:

i've never been more thankful to a youtuber than i am now the game isn't actually dogshit !!

thought it'd be like Rain World and even though it kinda shares similiar aesthetic the game is pretty different and oh boy is it good i was really pleasantly surprised (and the fact one guy made the majority of this too like damn)
truly a game meant to be played apart from the cat chase that is that part fucking SUCKS