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Ok I've beaten the 2 games in like 30 minutes. And after playing them back to back, this is just the first one but improved on every level. Better levels, level mechanics, gameplay mechanics, a better story, and unusally high quality of music for a 10 minute browser game. A lot of fun.

Score: 3.2/5
Letter Grade: B-

I am very pleasantly surprised by this. I didn't even know it existed until like 10 minutes ago, and that's honestly probably how long it takes to beat it. Yes this is a very very very very short browser game, but the gameplay mechanic of drawing to kill the ghosts is a really smart and fun. The game gets more challenging enough that it gets your heart racing a bit. Also love the art-style and the music was good. Maybe the best web browser game ever? Idk, I'll have to play the sequel to see.

Score: 3.1/5
Letter Grade: B-

This was one of those playthroughs you never wish you did. I still think of Bioshock as a masterpiece, however It has dropped down significantly for me on my favorite games list. From 8 all time to about 19. I'm also glad I played it at the same time, since I now have a better more accurate score. I just kinda wish it stayed in my mind as it originally was.

Moving on, besides it not being as great as I originally believed, the game is still fantastic. The Gameplay is tons of fun, whether it's the gunplay, the RPG mechanics you can toy with, Weapon Upgrades, Hacking, Saving the Littler sisters, and my personal favorite, the scavenging. I seriously cannot get enough of scavenging in video games. Just being able to look into every nook and cranny, in which the devs reward the player with loot, it's so fun and addicting. I love all the secrets hidden throughout the areas, and the things you find are pretty much always useful and rewarding. In terms of Gunplay, the second Bioshock does it better, but it's still good here, and honestly much better than Infinite. Infinite is the soul reason I even replayed this, I was so disappointed with Infinite, I just felt that I had to come back and replay it. It's better in Infinite in absolutely every way, except for maybe art style. Adam, that's what was the biggest thing missing in Infinite, at least to me. The upgrades you give your character were so crucial to the game, that its removal only hurt Infinite. The Plasmids to me were also much better in the first Bioshock. I love how they all work and interact with the world. All around, the gameplay is some of the best and most unique you'll find in the FPS Genre.

Now, the areas you explore are what I believe to still be the best in the Bioshock series. Not just in their look or how memorable they are, but also in their designs. I love how you can just go anywhere, pretty much from the moment you enter the area. So many secrets that are easy to miss, it makes it that much more exciting when you find one. They all look great, and even though Bioshock 2 had bigger areas that I loved, I kinda preferred the more tight smaller areas that had a lot of secrets crammed into them in Bioshock 1.

The areas weren't just well designed and looked nice, the atmosphere the devs created is so incredible, that no other game feels quite like Rapture does. It's one my personal places to return to in the medium of gaming. The atmosphere is thick, and at many times terrifying. It's something I struggle to describe, but just know that it's phenomenal.

Now the main reason I prefer this game over Bioshock 2. The original Bioshock's narrative/plot, is something that cannot be told in any other medium. I cannot believe how good it is, and that twist is honestly one of the best in anything, in a movie, in a book, and especially in a game. Andrew Ryan is one of the best, most vicious villains you'll ever have the pleasure of meeting, but Frank Fontaine is arguably more horrible, he's just a lot less interesting. Andrew created a City, a city that was impossible to build. Andrew Ryan made himself into a God like figure, he removed government and God out of his society, and with no real laws to go off of besides his own demented mind, the society collapsed as they seemed to lose their moral code and sanity, along with Andrew Ryan himself, even he ever had any to begin with. It's something so great to see play out, and the journey to get to him is incredibly memorable and fun.

However, I will say the game does fall off just a little bit after you deal with Andrew Ryan, and honestly takes much longer to finish than it should've. Also, on this playthrough at least, getting to Andrew Ryan felt really quick, and a little rushed. Now it's no doubt worth it once you get to him, but I just kinda wish the game took longer to get to Andrew, but took longer to get to Fontaine. Another complaint, not about the plot, but the game did have a bit of trouble running on the 360, so I experienced a bit of bugs. I'll just play it on a more powerful system next time.

After all of that, this is to no ones surprise one of the greatest games the gaming medium has ever produced, and it's following sequel continued the streak, only for the original director of this game decided to make a mess with Infinite. I know I shit on Infinite a lot, but it is very good, just not a masterpiece like this game or Bioshock 2. Anyways, if you like videogames just play it. Great Gameplay all around, A story unlike any other, incredible moments, so many secrets, an unbelievable atmosphere, and a setting that will freak you out, but one you'll only want to keep coming back to.

Score: 4.6/5
Letter Grade: A+