I like games about girls and I like making lists. That is why I made this account.

Maybe one day I'll make a real website to collect thoughts, but plurk is what I picked as my bullshit for now.
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May 18


May 18

The House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn
The House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn

May 17

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Clunky and unwieldy, but bizarrely satisfying in this way. You need to hit each enemy just right, you need to block just right, you need to know and understand your surroundings. And training that skill is the real gameplay loop. Building your understanding of that game, keeping careful track of resources, and slowly improving your supplies and your strategy for the battle ahead. I ultimately just wasted too many supplies after some bad choices and my best path forward is an eventual restart, which I'm slightly too Gamer Angry to do right now. But goddamn, Kwaidan is a game overflowing with charm, effort, and thoughtful craft. Carefully tuned towards a certain aesthetic and thriving in the pursuit of that aesthetic. A true gem.

There's a certain power in dissatisfaction. In giving players bad choices. There are many choice-based crpgs that offer perhaps too much choice in how the world is shaped. In how to influence others. Pentiment wisely pulls back on this to build an aching, intimate yearning. A yearning to make all the right decisions. A yearning to keep everyone safe, to choose a killer that will hurt the fewest people instead of choosing a killer based on evidence. A yearning to protect, and a yearning when we've failed. Our main character is not the hero deciding the fate of the world. He's just a guy, in a place and time. How we all leave our mark on history is subject to so many factors beyond our control.

Mechanically, its hard to say every skill has all the uses it could. Skills mainly make certain investigations easier, but they're always multiple avenues to uncover all the evidence you want. But this also means that every skill choice that does provide a new dialogue path feels all the more rewarding for your commitment. The skill choices in the final act of the game, compared to the others, are much more limited in their scope, but the final act is also much more on the rails than its previous story sections. Less time for choices to matter.

Still. Just kind of a truly banger game with incredible artistic sensibilities.

Trashy as all hell. A riot.

Mechanically much more interesting than Dark Escape. The choices between weapons offers more personalized variety in playstyles. You have one infinite weapon and then two limited weapons. Determining when to use these weapons is where half the fun and challenge comes in. There's not any real major plot divergences you can make, but that's not why I'm there. I'm there to see some goofy cutscenes and see if I can survive with more of myself intact. The power of choice feels more pronounced. Its silly, its dumb, its a charming little date night treat.