Massive map, solid bosses, actual freedom of choice with builds and progression (story or exploration also), an interesting world, large range of weapons and spells that change gameplay mechanics, side stories and characters that keep you wanting more.
There is something about Elden Ring that really sucked me in and I couldn't stop playing. This is the first FromSoft game that I actually stuck with and I could revisit multiple times.
L + maidenless + no runes + touch grace + ungrafted + invaded + parried + scarlet Rot + one shot + You leveled dex

This game is pure nostalgia for me, so that will affect my rating. I played this game until my Xbox got the red ring of death, and I kept playing it when I managed to get a new one. The story is the same old GoW stuff: locust bad, kill locust, defeat big bad! The multiplayer and core gameplay are still what makes this game so fun for me. The move from host-based connection to dedicated servers made the game feel so smooth compared to the first 2 instalments. The range of new weapons all felt unique, while still keeping the flair of one’s from the older games. The cover system was smooth, wall-bouncing and mantling was like butter. Executions and other animations were top tier. The maps were generally great and each had unique mechanics present whether it was the weather or interactive segments of the map. The challenges gave new stats to look at for your gameplay. New game modes such as beast mode, and a new revamped horde mode also added more than just multiplayer VS as a way to spend your time.
Downsides came from slimmer character models actually having an effect on your hitbox and when the dedicated servers started to die, the lag could really hurt the smooth gameplay you’re used to. But I must’ve racked up 100s of hours on this game and it’s one of my highlights.

Shrek, Gordon Ramsey, Homer, and the rest of the cast really make the game. They need to make defibs more obvious tho :/

Tactical shooter with one of the biggest skill ceilings in an FPS. Maps are designed very well, gun play is fun, utility is actually meaningful. Can win games with both aim > brain and brain > aim play styles. But nothing really hits quite as hard as yelling RUSH A with the bois while sprinting up ramp on Vertigo 🥲

Very relaxing game that has options for whatever play style you want. Want to fight things? Go mining. Want to landscape? Build your farm out. Want to experience true bliss and the ultra gaming experience? Go fishing and chat with a man just trying to relive his youth by the sea.
Honestly, the game is great. I should spend more time on it and experience the full cycles of changing years and complete all
the collections. But I’ve only ever had good experiences on it.
I’m just unable to give 5 stars since you can’t marry Willy, my one true love

Ponsonbys with the boys vs WELCOME FRIENDS

Honest review: the game has a lot of mechanics, without much depth to each one, there is a lack of explanation for any of them however and requires too much time on a wiki to understand what anything does.
Games require a lot of time dedication for multiplayer and can be decided quite quickly by early turns / RNG. I am bad at the game but can still keep up with much better players if I start next to natural wonders / huts. The game requires a lot of mods to improve the QoL, there are baseline mechanics that should be in the game but aren’t. Some leaders are absolutely useless and others are overturned.
BUT.. the game offers a more enjoyable single player experience against the AI. Actually being able to utilise more of the interesting mechanics within the game.
Chatting with friends as you play is a good way to pass time and i do get to listen to mum and dad argue about which one said they’d pack the Torre de Belem in Morgan’s overnight bag.
I want to enjoy Civ, but I find myself hitting the end turn button as fast as I can after the first 45 turns of the game and with 200 left to go. Probably just isn’t the game for me, maybe I’m smooth brain.

I have played too many hours of this game and within those hours, I’ve been shown around 100 maps on the random map selection, out of which I think I’ve played maybe 6. The gameplay stays the same, with each map (all 6 of them) going from a mix of pure luck to annoyance to somewhat fun. The thing that has made the game fun is playing with the boys:
Rhino rampage da 🐐 no 🧢
Need to be in the loop, not the goop
Andrew Tate and Mr Beast fall ball wins
The colossal drip you can get