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Leafy0 finished Sheepy: A Short Adventure
Game is great. I like the happy sheep as much as I like the really fun traversal upgrades.

3 hrs ago

Leafy0 finished Yoshi's Story
Who would have thunk Pak E. Derm's dumb ass was trying to stop children from entering levels worse than Sen's Fortress

3 hrs ago

FallenGrace is now playing Kaiju Wars

5 hrs ago

FallenGrace commented on RinoDino's review of Bare Knuckle III
I have only played the Western release of this and despised it despite loving ever other game in the series. I really should try the Japanese original release of Bare Knuckle 3.

7 hrs ago

FallenGrace commented on FallenGrace's review of The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes
@Taylan97 - Best part of the game and I wish it was more of a focus on just them to be honest.

8 hrs ago

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