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All over the place. The writing is hilariously stupid and convoluted up to the point where it makes the bold and moronic move of comparing fighting against injustice equivalent to pushing injustice itself. Yet from a gameplay standpoint, it's acceptable and occasionally fun (if simplistic to a fault - many have commented on the two-gun feature) and the art style itself is gorgeous and elevates Infinite to something that's at least interesting. I can't be mad at this because the ambition and blind confidence in itself was kinda charming to me, but its issues are definitely notable.

The writing is often moronic, cliche, and surface-level to the point of amusement (android holocaust metaphor lmao), but its mere multiple-choice narrative structure made for an occasionally diverting/interesting gaming experience, just for the fact that some choices you make leave a big impact. A meek nod to Cage for being nice enough to spend considerable effort thinking through those mildly-challenging choices.
The 2018 PS4 mo-cap graphics already feel dated and uncanny, but the soundtrack is at least decent. Brooding and futuristic, but not showy.
I can't decide between a 4 or 5/10 right now. No rating!!!! Fuck you! :D

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