I got so into the game that I didn't notice I finished it in one sitting. I started it at around 5PM and finished it a little past 10. At first I was disappointed that it was so short, but someone told me that this was supposed to be part of Halo 2's story which makes sense.
As a conclusion to the trilogy's story, it's great. Everything's here, and the gameplay is great too, with new vehicles and weapons. I just wish that it got more of Arbiter.

I know this came after Halo 3, but I was told I had to play this BEFORE Halo 3 for story's sake. And it was worth it, after the cliffhanger ending of 2.
I really enjoyed how all the plot threads converged into one, following parallel to each other while you could play into them differently. It's not a new thing, by far, but it's done exceedingly well in ODST.
I'd like to give massive props for the music. Between the exciting action tracks during combat, to the calm, atmospheric tunes that play when you're exploring the empty streets of New Mombasa in the rainy night. It's perfect.
By the end of it, I was sad that the game was ending but glad that I played it, and I see myself playing ODST again very, very soon.

Loved it from start to finish. Halo 2 takes everything good from the first game and improves it tenfold, and fixed the gameplay problems as well.
The vehicle mechanics this time are way better, a massive improvement, including the frustrating Ghost and Banshee.
And as for the story, what else can I say that hasn't been said? It's fantastic, and I love how we get a storyline in the Covenant's side. Arbiter is an amazing character.

I love this game, warts and all. It and the sequel have a special place in my heart.

I'm very late to the Halo franchise, but now that I've got ahold of the Master Chief Collection and got to play Halo: Combat Evolved, I can see why this game was so influential and why it meant a lot for a generation of gamers.
I don't know what else I could add to what has already been said, other that the gameplay is really tight, the enemy AI is refreshingly smart, and the vehicle mechanics are great.
Except at the final escape. I either suck at driving the Warthog in tight spaces or the controls are too slippery. Either way, I can't wait to play the next game.

It's trash. Ugly and stupid. I regretted wasting money on it.

(I'm doing an off-memory review of this game.)
I know this is the first Uncharted game, but it didn't age so well, especially against its sequels. The combat is fun but parts of it aren't very good, and some of the later enemies are very spongy on top of being fast, which got me killed many times.
It goes without saying, the final boss is just bad. Disappointing, clunky, and I finished it lickety split. There's nothing much to add to what others have said about it other than it's disappointing all around. It almost ruined the experience of the game for me. Almost.
There's still some good in this game, and I guess it has some nostalgic value to it, but it doesn't compel me to go back to play it. I don't like "movie-like" games that much as well.

This game is pretty short. I finished it roughly two hours, without needing to pause in-between, except for two times.
Yet I wouldn't have it any other way. It's the perfect amount of time for a game like Monument Valley.
Despite its simple graphics, it's such a beautiful game to look at. The puzzles are intuitive yet elaborate, and quite creative; I love impossible geometry, and this is something that highly tickles my fancy.
I've played this before on mobile, and buying it again for PC was worth it. I highly recommend this if you like puzzles

Metal Slug Anthology review series entry #1:
You can't go wrong with a classic like Metal Slug X. This was my first introduction to the franchise when I was 12 and only had a PS1 with this, The Lion King Game, and Toy Story 2. I'd play it to the end in one sitting, because I couldn't save the game, and thanks to Metal Slug Anthology, now I can, which allowed me to save my progress midway through yesterday so i could finish it today.
I always loved this game, even if I I always end up with my fingers aching after the final boss. I can't think of a flaw, outside of maybe a nitpick with the regular enemies at the end taking too many shots to die.
Metal Slug X is the hard type of way that I like, one that challenges you to stand up again and keep on fighting, and I'd say the franchise as a whole is a staple of run 'n' gun games everywhere. It's fun, challenging, a total riot to play, and it's so satisfying to blow things up using the assorted arsenal the game has to offer.

A lovely little puzzle game worth every penny. The cartoonish art direction is cute and endearing, and the puzzles are creative without being too hard (except for the "chess" game puzzle). I've played this three times, and I loved it every single time. I just wish there was more to it.

The original God of War trilogy are games that have a really fun gameplay but the story is really bad.
As a teenager, I could excuse the latter for the former. As an adult, I cannot. I have to say it, I hate everything about Kratos as a main character in this. He's a stubborn, violent brute whose tragic backstory doesn't excuse what he does in this game. His characterization doesn't go beyond: "I'm angry, therefore I'll murder everything around me." He isn't sympathetic; the occasional, casual cruelty to random civilians (such as the man in the Hydra's maw in the 1rst game, or the priestess in the 3rd game) kill off any sympathy I've had for him from the 1rst game.
Usually, I'm forgiving of how certain games and movies utilize Greek mythology, for I even enjoy things such as Disney's Hercules, but God of War II fails to take full advantage of the mythology it's taking inspiration from, focusing more on the "rule of cool" over everything else, on top of showing nudity and gratuitous violence to fuel the power fantasies of a hormone-filled teenager in the early 2000's
Things in the story just happen for the sake of it, and the motivations of every character are really flimsy. At times they're not explained and require you to have played a side game beyond the 1rst God of War to understand why certain characters act the way they are, such as the gods being jerks and fearful of Kratos because of Pandora's Box, but it's never explained outside of a chunk of lore not present within the game, meaning I had to do research outside of the game to fully understand it.
Meaning that this game, which is about 12 hours long, failed to fully develop its story for the sake of a shallow power fantasy made for edgy teenagers who wanted to feel like big boys.

I played this game so many times when I had a PS2.
It's not perfect by any means. In fact, I understand why it got so many mediocre scores and reviews when it came out.
But damn it, I just love it. Warts and all.

One of my favorite games from the last decade, easily on my top 3.


A fantastic, beautiful game that I don't see myself playing again any time soon, because I might just cry a river again.

This game has a lot of potential. There are several things I love about it, but it's held back by its lack of updates and unbalanced gameplay.
I already completed its overall story, and I really want to see where it goes, but I'm afraid I won't be getting more any time soon.