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played through like 2 and a half times or so and decided to stop before I burnt out on it. I left the loremaster and praetor playthroughs for later and maybe ill go do some of the others (which seem less unique) as well whenever i get back to it. I enjoyed almost all the time I spent with this game and would absolutely recommend it, but you have to go in not treating it like any other crpg. it takes a lot of risks with its mechanics and systems and it can take long enough to figure out how it works that you might just decide to stop playing. Do a merchant playthrough with full speech first and dont engage in combat at all, then do mercenary/imperial guard and go full combat skills. save more standard RPG builds and mixed characters for later once you know more, the character creation is very very specific.

I bought this game when I randomly saw it on a Steam sale because I heard about it once, and Jesus Christ it's amazing.
The music? It's a mixture of jungle and breakcore (the amen break is present and en masse). It's adaptive, meaning that the amen break kicks in when you're killing the denizens of hell to feed your crippling blood addiction.
The gameplay is euphoric. The only reason I'm not giving it a 5 is that the full game isn't out yet. The game includes a prologue, 6 layers with multiple levels in them, secret levels, and an infinite survival mode that supplies people (me) with infinite enjoyment. The thing about the gameplay is that there's tons of tech to learn, especially with the coin. If you want to learn more, you should just buy the game for yourself!

If this game was literally just the survival mode it would already be worth the $15. But instead, that amazing gameplay is wrapped around a really interesting story, plus it has the best designed boss fights I've ever experienced. Genuinely a fucking amazing game. AND ITS NOT EVEN FINISHED YET

just about as good as everyone says, mostly just have scattered thoughts on this one
-me and my bf kept commenting every like half hour on how fucking good and iconic heather’s outfit is
-this whole game but especially the ending give me the same vibe as the suspiria remake from a few years ago
-my only other experience w this series is playing about half of 2 (very good but didn’t at all hook me like this one did) and watching the 2006 movie like five years ago, was pretty good from what I remember. I’ll probably play all of them aside from 1 and the vita game, will probably just read through the play novel as it seems pretty cool.
-vincent literally on his huey emmerich wave. funny guy, why is he 24 and why does sexy kit harrington play him in the second movie
-tbh only really played this bc for the last year I’ve been absolutely obsessed with akira yamaoka’s scores for the series. Got introduced to them via the boyfriend of a girl me and my boyfriend were friends with, he played sissy hypno one time while drunk and then proceeded to spend the entire night puking in my bathroom. Good times. You’re not here goated song.
-played this on easy action level easy riddle level bc fuck that this game is like a little archaic and I was pretty much entirely here for the story and the atmosphere. Only time I really had a hard time with the game was in the haunted mansion with the red light chasing you. Think that bit and it’s difficulty works for the best given the fact that up till that point red lights are almost seen as something comforting for the player and now the thing that’s helped u out sm through ur play through kills u almost instantaneously.

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