~currently playing through some friend recommendations and finishing up some stuff i dropped for ages~
my favorite games are the ones most formative to me
don't take any of my ratings seriously bc i mainly just do it to better pace my year-end list (which is kinda dumb but also a cool way to showcase my favs).
-finished roughly 130 games in 2021
-finished 168 games in 2022
not every game i play is available to log here, so here's how many games /not/ on Backloggd that i finished in 2022: 6
lastly, there are a bunch of games i just forget to finish or give up on, so i just put the stuff i've actually beaten here or else the list would be bloated as hell. i like to separate my actual backlog using the "truetrue backlog" list.
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Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
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Jun 07

Drone Delivery Despair
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Jun 05

I'm Scared of My Girlfriend
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Jun 05


Jun 05

Akahane Academy
Akahane Academy

Jun 02

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this seems like it's made specifically for the weirdos who liked the more sparse and offputting aspects of the original Quake. you get way more rockets than rifle rounds, and even though there are more than 50 enemy types, most of what you face are the main enemy archetypes from Quake. its main strength is mixing this very american design philosophy with a particularly culturally specific representation of 80s czechoslovakia (mainly in the architecture), which makes for a strange mix.
those old "slavjank" titles are usually focused on verisimilitude - even if it's oddly represented by the mechanics or structure - while the Quake formula begs for maximum abstraction. Hrot tries playing both sides, but ends up being its own perplexing middle ground. at least it's an interesting conflict to see being wrestled with throughout the 3 episodes, which become gradually more lost until the last few levels from the 3rd episode transform into small, sepia dollhouse arenas.

in this game you play as non binary Gilbert Gottfried

what a goddamn mess. i wonder what led to this game having like 10 different directions, all eventually coalescing into one extremely entertaining, frustrating, and insane whole. there are like 5 different plots happening at once, and none of them get that much time for themselves.
- it feels like you're seeing the logical end to events in the lives of the cast; an end represented by slightly underwhelming action setpieces that are executed with mild disinterest (apart from the literal bloodbaths) coming from the game.
- it's like you're experiencing a deranged outsourced sequel to a blockbuster drama that really wants to make some callbacks to show good faith to the audience.
- it's impossible to find anything other than pure sincerity here.
- it's honestly beautiful.