~currently playing thru some random games~

my favorites are some "ambient" games i like

don't take any of my ratings all that strongly bc i mainly just do it to better pace my year-end list (which is kinda dumb but also a cool way to showcase my favs).

oh, i made "heaven knows you" with a friend for the first vn cup. it's a visual novel! + also "all my dreams are the same!"

lastly, there are a bunch of games i just forget to finish or give up on, so i just put the stuff i've actually beaten here or else the list would be bloated as hell. an exception was made in 2023 for some Japanese import arcade games that i only had the chance to play for a few days.
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what a gorgeous feeling to explore in your sequel to a charming and comedic adventure game. Pamplemousse 2 is a confused title, from start to finish. a work four years removed from the original where every 3D clay figure is reused from it while every new element is a mess of 2D collages. it's all presented like an exploration of canonicity, using the previous game's two endings as a jumping-off point to clone Dominique at every choice they make. but it never really wants to answer that question, nor does it feel the need to further Dominique's (very fun) character or personality.

a lot of what made the first game charming remains here. even the off-key singing sounds better! what i love about it are the moments where every voice suddenly clicks and goes in tune before going out again, and that feeling is way more common in 2. but it also is used more deliberately. instead of breaking into song randomly, characters do it to either emphasize the comedy or burst out their more intense feelings.

and those feelings are so disjointed. this is a work personal enough for its creator to physically appear to confront the poor cloned protagonist. it doesn't even feel like a self-absorbed choice either, just another way to deliberate on a particular moment in the dev's life. Dominique hasn't gotten a conclusive ending in their first adventure, nor will they get one here.

there's an unflinching focus in every setpiece in the background while the two Dominiques try to get a satisfying ending in the foreground. they mostly deal with gender expectations, sex, art, choice, and regret. each gets its own (in)conclusive ending. in a way, it's way more laborious than the first game, even if this time it's a visual novel instead of an adventure game.

Pamplemousse 2 is ashamed of itself enough that starts with a very on-the-nose quiz about your expectations about it; if you had prior experience with Squinky's works, if you're a bigot, and so on. it's so remarkably insecure. i was at a similar place the last time i chose to make a game, and it's probably one of the worst places to be to create something personal. but i still wanted to make something. to do anything, even if it didn't amount to anything meaningful. a war with yourself where every part of you loses.

the songs this time around can be beautiful. especially the last few sung by Dominique... but they only get to be fun for a little while. the final song can only further the only message it can. it's sorry. it's thankful. it's still heartwarming, even though it feels like it can't be.

absolute trainwreck that i can't look away from. so insanely over-the-top disgusting and... surprisingly playable? this has the jankiest shooting I've ever seen in the Source Engine but it just adds to the chaos. i mean, people were mad that this is a regular linear 7th-generation 3rd-person shooter with regenerating health instead of Postal 2's immersive sim experiments, but i prefer looking at Postal 3 as its own thing.

this game comes from the absolute most prejudiced and genuinely harmful time at Running With Scissors (one of their guys wrote it, even though the main devs were from a Russian studio named Trashmasters). some of the writing in this is completely irredeemable racist bullshit, but with the new cutscene-then-game-scene focus i think the absurdity makes it really entertaining in the same way you enjoy a bad movie.

the main joke (at least in the Psychopath route) is that the Postal Dude really needs money for gas, but he fucks up every job he takes because of a random twist of fate. the levels try echoing Postal 2's where things start working well and then hell ensues out of nowhere, but in III it's always contextualized by his current part-time job instead of regular situations.

the game juggles the monotony of the menial tasks the Dude has to do with the absurd chaos of the stock Source engine sounds, the very cacophonous and generally good soundtrack, the bad (good) shooting, and the Karma system which you can navigate by choosing between killing everyone or taking them out non-lethally. there are tons of options, and most of them even work properly!

i kind of feel more like justifying the fact i enjoyed this so much because it's genuinely full of heinous shit, but it's just some absurdist fun time. i'll even consider doing the non-lethal path later. oh, and the cutscenes are mostly great. super good comedic timing and lame jokes made funny by playing with videogame tropes. Postal III sometimes feels like a boner comedy or one of those "Scary Movie" films. i should say i regret nothing now but i do regret liking this a bit.

first off - doesn't this just look incredible? the previous title, Marble Blast Gold (or Marble Blaster) had this pretty fun and amateurish-looking art style with super saturated colors and complete ignorance as to what colors go together well. i do like that look, but Ultra looks soooooo stylish! still blocky, but the square-ish shapes look sharp as hell against the marble's sole roundness.

the ever-present sky is so heavenly. If you look downward, you will see only clouds. upwards, a clear sky looks back. the colors change with each set of levels, but they're all wrapped in what looks like some rulers. some move and rotate around, and some don't. this, together with the single trance song that plays throughout the whole thing, makes this game look completely immaculate. some professional and genuine Y2K visuals here.

when playing through the 60 main levels, you can bounce around like crazy and ignore most of the more traditional level designs. but it doesn't even feel like cheating or anything, it's just an alternate playstyle. it works in layers: you can beat each level with different kinds of experimentation depending on what you're comfortable with. i personally enjoy doing crazy stuff more in the collection levels where, even with only a slight daredevil mentality, you can get minutes ahead of the par time. doing it in the platforming-focused marathons makes me super anxious. but maybe you'd have fun doing that in those!

these physics are so impressive. they're completely merciless. you can bork even the simplest jump by accident depending on the floor shape or even the marble's rotation angle at the time of impact. you can also use corners to bounce miles off where the game thinks you're supposed to go and turn it into a genuine strategy. try bunnyhopping. it's hard to stop the marble once it gets going, but the game begs you to test the limits of where you can push the physics.

many levels even play around with gravity. those collectathon levels i mentioned really love playing with those pickups that make you change gravity so you can walk on ceilings (or just floors made for inverted gravity) and get those gems. as soon as you start one of these, try looking around: the level looks incomprehensible. you just gotta make it make sense :>