Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

released on Oct 26, 2004

Returning after his mother's murder to the semi-fictional city of Los Santos (based on Los Angeles), Carl Johnson, a former gang banger, must take back the streets for his family and friends by gaining respect and once again gaining control over the streets. However, a story filled with crime, lies and corruption will lead him to trudge the entire state of San Andreas (based on California and Nevada) to rebuild his life.

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I know you blind but you gotta check this shit out....
GTA San Andreas is the magnum opus of the GTA 3D trilogy. This game was so ambitious and I sure had a blast playing this from beginning to end. I told myself I would at least try to beat the trilogy without cheats and glitches and I gotta say sometimes I can't believe this game fit on a DVD disc with how much content this game throws at you. The story is probably my favorite out of the Trilogy Games. Missions are fair and managed to beat them the first time apart from ZERO. (DAMN YOU ZERO). Memorable Characters from Woozie, Big Smoke, The Truth etc. I admire where it takes CJ story wise in his miscellaneous adventures through the state that is San Andreas. I played this with the Definitive Project Mod installed (HD Textures, 60 FPS etc.) and I did not have any issues or errors for the game. It was smooth as butter which says alot due to how much stuff can be thrown into the game itself! If you are wondering if you should give this game a try again. I would say absolutely! This game will make you go "Ahh shit here we go again"

Hayatımda en fazla oynadığım oyun olabilir. Sadece Easter Egg'lerini arayarak geçirdiğim vakit bile 100 saati aşmıştır.
Youtube'da gizem ve mod videolarını izleyip dururdum. Hala arada sırada oyuna girer, ''JUMPJET'' yazar ve Las Venturas'ta 5 yıldız polisle çatışırım.

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big smoke : all you have to do follow the fucking train CJ
me : fuck you big smoke

from my ps2 days. never got to finish the game. i was almost going back to los santos for the last time, then my memory card corrupted all files.