Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

released on Oct 26, 2004

Returning after his mother's murder to the semi-fictional city of Los Santos (based on Los Angeles), Carl Johnson, a former gang banger, must take back the streets for his family and friends by gaining respect and once again gaining control over the streets. However, a story filled with crime, lies and corruption will lead him to trudge the entire state of San Andreas (based on California and Nevada) to rebuild his life.

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Melhor gta da era 3D, tem um mapa enorme, diversas missões, coisas extras para se fazer, uma penca de carros, aviões, helicópteros, barcos... A história é bem complexa, têm suas reviravoltas, vários personagens bons, deixou os anteriores no chinelo.

show de bo0oa, porém supersetimado virgula mbotrei sem querer só os saudosistas que acham melhor que gsta 4[55

If there was ever a GTA I would happily return to for another run, it’s this one without doubt. The cast of characters were so diverse that the majority at least left an impression on me in some way, also a quick mention to Officer Tenpenny, infuriating little bastard and rightfully one of the most memorable villains in all of video games. The scope of San Andreas is epic and it’s still equally enjoyable to traverse today, one minute you’re in a big city the next an open desert or quaint countryside. The level of detail put into this game all round is phenomenal, however best to avoid Zero’s mission’s at all costs! Levels of frustration beyond imagine…

É de LONGE meu jogo favorito da franquia fácil, é o jogo de mundo aberto que eu mais joguei no PS2, tenho muitas memórias por esse jogo aqui e sempre vai ser um dos meus favoritos, nem que fique no top 15-20 ou até no top 30, sempre vai estar lá.

I lost the count of how many times i complete this game to 100%