Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

released on Oct 26, 2004

Returning after his mother's murder to the semi-fictional city of Los Santos (based on Los Angeles), Carl Johnson, a former gang banger, must take back the streets for his family and friends by gaining respect and once again gaining control over the streets. However, a story filled with crime, lies and corruption will lead him to trudge the entire state of San Andreas (based on California and Nevada) to rebuild his life.

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Depois de um tempo o jogo vai perdendo un pouco a vibe legal do começo.

its my childhood dawg of course it gets a 10/10

That busta never could follow the fucking train

This game was enormous, offering so much to do that boredom was simply not an option. Moreover, when I was a kid, playing GTA: Vice City, the concept of this game seemed unreal. Multiple cities in a single game? It felt like an open-world gaming dream. The inclusion of RPG elements in a GTA game was something I hadn't even considered possible due to doubts about hardware capabilities. There was so much diversity in this game that it felt almost unbelievable.
This is one of the best games in the history.