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I really respect video games as a story-telling medium.
Getting into VNs more lately.
I have a horrendous game completion track record. (But that's why I'm here!)

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A fun introduction to these characters with entertaining dialogue, cool pixel art, and snazzy-ass music. I certainly will check out the subsequent games in this series.

Why is no one playing this?

The visual art is the first thing that got my attention, with super stylish character artwork and very neat use of color (very trans pride flag environments). The somewhat minimalistic backgrounds draw the players' attention where it's wanted, with perspective and dramatic shading that don't lack in eeriness, and evoke feelings of discomfort. The atmosphere is thick! The music also sets the mood well, although it's mostly lacking in melody and so is not memorable.
The English translation is plenty good. There are typos and missing words here and there (which were generally just amusing), but nothing is unclear, and the writing has personality. While there isn't anything very profound or emotional to be experienced here, the story is suspenseful and curious, unraveling at a steady pace that never bored me. The horror level is just right for me — it's there and relevant, but not overwhelming, so it didn't detract from my enjoyment.
This is my first exposure to Lovecraftian fiction, so the degree to which Lunatic Whispers is derivative isn't something I can really judge.

The gameplay isn't really difficult, especially after one has played through it once and knows what the goals are.
It's somewhat on the short side, but well worth the price for me. There are seven endings, which are easy to get with a guide, but I recommend going through your first playthrough without a guide and rolling with your mostly inevitable failures (failing can be fun). There is something you can interact with toward the end of a playthrough that makes subsequent playthroughs a total cinch, and it is miss-able, so either be thorough in your examination of the environments, or perhaps check out a guide for the very ending.
I do wish that the endings (at least the "best" one) were longer, or that there were some bonus short stories, as I like the characters and wish I could see them more! The endings are fun but quite short.
There is also a button for speeding through text, which is a boon when going for all endings, but must be used with caution, as it skips through not only previously read text, but all text. There is a text log though, so one can check what one might have missed.

Lunatic Whispers getting so little attention honestly made me hesitate to play it, so I'm very glad I gave it a go!

Disclaimer: I played with good company, so my experience did benefit from that!
(Functions well on Steam Deck. Played docked with a controller.)

Really freaking neat, philosophical, and poetic: true art. I spent roughly half of the time feeling confused, which wasn't necessarily bad, but was a little tiring, and I felt that I'm not a diver skilled enough to swim to its depths. Frequently, though, I was just uncertain about which character's thoughts I was reading, and I'm unsure whether this ambiguity was intentional.
Nothing, Somewhere feels easily worth experiencing again, and I intend to do so in the future.