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The Talos Principle II

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The Talos Principle: Road to Gehenna

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The Talos Principle
The Talos Principle

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Huge downgrade from the first game unfortunately. Instead of a puzzle marathon with an interesting story running throughout it, this game is broken up into chunks, with mandatory story segments between the actual puzzles (of which there aren't nearly as many). And I hate to say it but the story is boring and doesn't make any sense. Having a story driven by characters when the characters are completely flat (literal) robots just doesn't work. It ends up being a slog that you mash through to get more puzzle.

The puzzles are a bit of a disappointment too, coming off of the first game. They're easier on the whole - only a handful gave me any real trouble, whereas I got stuck for some time on a solid half of the original game - and while the new mechanics are interesting, there are too many of them and not enough puzzles to explore them to the extent they deserve.

The new way of handling secrets, exploring open worlds, is not my preferred gameplay but it was done pretty well - I didn't find all the stars in the end, but I had fun looking for them. I still had a good time, and the last bit of the game really made me come away with a better impression than I was expecting.

I compared it to La-Mulana 2 while playing and realized later that Portal 2 is an apt comparison as well. A sequel that tries to do too much, adding a bunch of wacky characters, and fails to see what made the first game great - clever puzzles, focused design and a sense of mystery. I appreciate what they were trying to do, but for me, it didn't land.

Something about this didn't hit as well as the main game, but it was still challenging and fun. Nothing really new, just more of the same, which I guess is exactly what you want out of a DLC. Shitposting being a core game mechanic was nice too.

I'm mad though because I was gonna go back to get all the stars I missed at the end but when I finished it hadn't saved since like 14 puzzles ago and I can absolutely not be bothered to do them again

This might be my favorite puzzle game of all time. The puzzles get super hard (especially if you go for the optional ones) and you just get so many of them. The mechanics are all novel but it doesn't overwhelm you with too many of them, and the interactions between them keep you surprised until the end.

I'm also a big fan of the plot and atmosphere. The mystery slowly unravels at a pleasant pace and it never gets in the way of the gameplay. When I first played it years ago it gave me my second major existential crisis that lasted like a month so it must have been doing something right