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Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Nov 27

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This is, BY FAR, the most underrated Zelda game. People can and have had their laughs about the train and how counter it is from Epona or even The King Of Red Lions when it comes to it's lack of freedom. But I think that's where people's analysis of the game ends. Doing puzzles with Zelda's ghost in the Tower of Spirits is fun and rewarding. The dungeons are cool. The items are really nice. Most of the music is really nice.
It has it's problems, including it's lesser than great combat. However, this game gets SO much hate for absolutely no reason at all.

This might be my favorite game of all time. The setting and plot for this game make it seem so different than most Mario RPGs including this game's N64 predecessor and that's why I love it. The characters make for heartwarming moments and moments of hilarity. The combat system is really what you make of it, which is also something I really love. Do you want to build a tanky Mario? Boom. You can do that. Do you want to build a Mario that's best when it's in danger? Boom. You can do that? Do you want to focus on building up your partners and making them the star of the show? Boom. You can do that. The various settings of each chapter is so unique that they could probably make up their own games and it wouldn't be that crazy of a suggestion. This game has me coming back to play all the time due to it's charm, humor, easy gameplay, and endearing characters.

Thinking that the original Xenoblade game could never be outdone, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 makes me question what is possible in video games. The game is complex and simple at the same time. It has a gorgeous story with an incredible cast of characters. Combat is fluid and improved a lot on Xenoblade Chronicles 2's systems. The music is absolutely gorgeous. It has everything that I could ever ask for in a video game. How can a game be better. Seriously, wtf.