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My father's favorite Atari game. I love how he still smiles when he plays it nowadays.
De longe o jogo favorito do meu pai. Ele comprou o Atari dele com seu próprio salário em uma antiga lojas HM (Hermes Macedo) e é tão legal ver ele nostálgico quando fala sobre ou quando joga no Atari Flashback que compramos.

I finished Read Only Memories a while ago, so this review is not written with the game fresh in my mind. This is a fun and engaging point-and-click adventure/mystery game, with likeable characters and strong dialogue. The pacing is great, the tension is high, and the story explores a wide variety of cyberpunk themes - what it means to be alive or human, what tech might do to politics, and the impact that corporatisation has on people's lives.
The game is also very obviously queer and does this well, with multiple characters whose identities do not fall within the gender binary (both human and non-human). At one point your companion Turing - the first sentient robot, and one of the highlights of the game - muses on how gender has impacted him and the robots who preceded him.
The story, although taking itself seriously, manages to let through some genuinely heart-warming and some delightfully silly moments - at one point, you must help an up and coming rapper come up with lyrics by using the objects in your environment, which results in some sick bars.
Speaking of the environment, it is both rich and has very pretty pixel graphics. All interactable objects have multiple lines of flavour text, all of which are worth the time to read, so if you're at all like me you'll be sat on each screen clicking on anything just to find something new.
I loved 2064: Read Only Memories, and have very few qualms with it beyond:
- wanting to click on all the objects occasionally led to gameplay pacing issues where instead of following somewhere that was supposedly urgent I would sit and read all the flavour text
- One of the lead designers is less than pleasant, which makes me hesitant to recommend you give your money to him - I would still recommend it if you have your hands on a copy that you haven't paid for.

A masterpiece of old-fashioned humorous mystery sublimated into a game. Takushu san, there is no one reading Tsumao Awasaka※ in the 21st century.
When I played the GBA version, I remember how surprised I was at the last incident and how loudly I screamed. This may be my favorite game from Capcom. There have been many sequels and spin-offs, but there's not much more to say about it than this first one.
※ Tsumao Awasaka
Mystery writer. Famous for his "Aiichiro A" series.(only mystery maniacs.) The names of the important cases in this game come from this series.
EDIT: A list of works that were considered to be the original source of tricks and other elements in Ace Attorney was compiled. AA series fans, if you would like to have a look.

a confusing game to rate because while it is definitely the most consistent in quality in the series and its lows are not as low as the rest of the series, its highs don't always match up against the other games in my opinion. but i also do not have any issues with it? so rating it below five stars feels illegal, even if it is not my personal favourite

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