Dragon Quest VI: Maboroshi no Daichi

Dragon Quest VI: Maboroshi no Daichi

released on Dec 09, 1995

Dragon Quest VI: Maboroshi no Daichi

released on Dec 09, 1995

Dragon Quest VI is the sixth installment in the Dragon Quest series. It is the penultimate title for the Nintendo Super Famicom as well as the last game in the Zenithia trilogy, and the first game in the series to be developed by Heartbeat, rather than Chunsoft. Like every other Dragon Quest game, the setting in Dragon Quest VI is very medieval, complete with castles, knights, and magic. The main world is divided into the Lower World and the Upper World, each with a separate but similar map. To get from one world to the other, the party uses special warps (such as in wells) or by ascending/descending colossal stairs on the world map.

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dragon quest tends to get a bad rep from onlookers for being seemingly generic and cookiecutter but anyone who has played and fallen in love with any of the games can pretty easily refute that. the coolest thing about 6 in particular is that it does genuinely look like that on the surface, except all of its tropes get totally flipped on their head. like you'll beat mudo/murdaw, the guy who serves as the big bad for the first third of the game, and instead of quickly revealing the inevitable greater threat in typical rpg fashion, the game looks you in the eye and says "go out into the world and find your true self", and dq6 will forever be real for that.

the snes version is the way to go with this btw, since the ds version gutted monster taming and the music is far worse, and while I've ragged on the fan translation of the snes version for years (without even playing it) playing it now has shown to me that it's actually very serviceable. yeah it's very obviously unfinished and one of the npcs asked if they could adpot me but it's honestly just endearing to me and it all serves as a cute relic of a time where fan translations weren't nearly as professional as they are today. hell, the fantl, errors and all, is probably more accurate than the remake's official localization because jesus christ changing hassan to carver might be one of the dumbest changes in a dq game ever like wow guys did you know that he's a WOOD CARVER???? DO YOU GET THE JOKE??? hassan is a butch lesbian and i will not accept any slander directed towards them..always respect the goat..

I've heard a lot about how mid Dragon Quest 6 is, but I was pleasantly surprised when I actually sat down and played it. I mean it definitely lags behind the best Super Nintendo RPGs, but it's still as well-made and fun (if already a little archaic by '95) as Dragon Quest should be...at least, in the first few hours. The music and graphics are also as good as you'd expect from a later SNES RPG. This has a slightly darker visual aesthetic to it compared to prior games, which I appreciate, and the music subtly sounds slightly more mature in a way as well. Really good use of leitmotif in this one.

Unfortunately the fan translation patch is really old and keeps crashing, and I don't really want to play a remake, so I'll just have to inch away at this one each time I work up the patience to retrace my steps from my previous wasted play-session.

Fascinating game.

I think in some areas this is the best Dragon Quest of the first 6, but when looking at the complete package it sits at the worst.

The story is very interesting and fun, the graphics are amazing, the music is great, the quality of life improvements are so great they've added them to basically every remake of the previous games.

I feel like a few things drag it down. The mechanics are interesting and ambitious but feel undercooked and lean more towards tedious than fun when it comes to the job system. It feels like it overstays its welcome and the final parts of the main world map to explore just aren't that interesting. Finally, it just doesn't feel like it captures the charm of the previous games- it's basically impossible to follow up 5 anyway, but something is missing here and it feels hollow.

Some of it may be due to the unfinished translation I played (a lot of the return visit dialog wasn't translated, for example) and maybe the remake with an official translation would fair better but I really loved the unique way the SNES version looked compared to the DS remakes that all looked the same as each other that I had to play that one first.

Not a bad game at all though! Dragon Quest continues to be a solid series, just felt like I was forcing myself to finish it near the end and it just kinda sat there with me having just the final boss to conquer.

Eu amei esse jogo, a arte é muito boa e a história também

Game Review - originally written by Grave Wisdom


Ok, let's go back in time a bit…say 10 years or so? The Year is 1995, towards the twilight of the 16-bit era. You are Enix, creator of the record-selling,ground breaking RPG series Dragon Quest. Now, it's been 3 years since the series last outing, the incredible Dragon Quest 5. Obviously, Enix was presented with a challenge. How can you improve upon a game like Dragon Quest 5? A game that had such things as a multi-generation storyline, monsters joining your battle party, numerous mini-games and other distractions. The answer? Take most of what was good about it, and expand upon it even more. With the exception of the multi-generation aspect, everything you loved about Dragon Quest 5 has returned here intact, and in some cases…improved. A welcome addition is the return of the class system, last seen in Dragon Quest 3. However, unlike Dragon Quest 3, you can now freely switch your characters between classes, and work them up to new advanced level jobs. Each class, as you'd expect has special abilities and spells, to make each one useful in a different way. Now, besides that…the game brings several other firsts. For one, the game features not 1 ,not 2, not 3, but 4 different worlds to explore. Also , it's the first game in the series to feature monster animation, and better than average graphics.


A pretty good story, but not quite as good as DQ5's. The game begins in a rather strange fashion. With you, and your fellow party members being massacred by Uglypeople.com Spokesmodel, and all around not-nice guy, Mudo. As you can probably guess, this is not a good thing. But just when you think the games over before it even begins, you wake up! The whole ordeal was just a dream. But still, it leaves you with many questions. Who were those other people who were fighting with you? And more importantly… who was that big tough-guy who kicked the crap out of your dreaming arse?! So you set out on a quest to find answers to those questions, and many more. Overall, it's an interesting and engrossing storyline. Of course, since it's a Dragon Quest…don't expect much in the way of character development. But the main over-arching story will keep you guessing what will happen next.Very good, but still room for improvement in some places.


Classic Dragon Quest here all the way! The menu's are as simple and easy to use as ever. No real changes from the previous games here. Anyone with even the slighest experience with previous games in the series will have no trouble getting used to the controls. Of course, there were some changes here and there…but nothing major enough to make you have to re-learn everything. The biggest difference in gameplay is in the re-introduction of the newly expanded class system. Unlike before however… there are now advanced classes, as well as more variety in the basic ones.


The game starts out easy enough, but eventually things gets more and more challenging. Although this may not be THE HARDEST RPG you'll ever play, it can rank up there pretty high. My best tips are the obvious. Keep leveling up, and buy all the latest equipment. Besides that, save often. And even then, you shouldn't be playing this game expecting a walk in the park. This is old-school difficulty that will leave the youngsters raised on the modern fluff running home to mommy and daddy.


The first Dragon Quest that put effort into trying impress us visually. Not only are the overall graphics of a much higher quality than DQ5's, but the game takes a chapter out of Sega's Phantasy Star series by implementing monster animations! Something every Dragon Quest game since, original or remix has had. Overall, this is a pretty game.


As usual, Sugiyama never fails to impress. In fact, this may be one of his best works ever. A great emotional, and moodsetting soundtrack. You gotta hear the Orchestrated Soundtrack CD as well. Not a bad song in this game!

Replay Value:

You'll play it and replay it. There's plenty of little extras here and there to keep you coming back. Bonus-Dungeon upon beating the game, loads of mini-games and things to collect. What more could you want?!


Ok, so you must all think i'm biased for giving every Dragon Quest a VERY favorable review. While that's true, I try and give every game what I think it's deserving of. Dragon Quest 6 has so much to offer, missing out should be a crime. Play this game already!

6th Dragon Quest game I've played and this series is starting to bore me to death. The job system is neat but the gameplay hasn't changed at all besides it. This game does a much worse job at telling you were to go than 5 and the story was barely present. Does this series ever get good music?