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Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

Apr 28

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igarashi making order of ecclesia and shanoa was his personal apology for making the single female belmont to fight dracula non-canon. im kinda glad it is though because the idea of the belmonts' strength just coming from being alucard's descendants as opposed to the power of god™ and intense physical training is kinda lame and alucard will always be aroace to me. the game itself is also just. okay. reviews here are painting it as some kinda irredeemable dogshit but it's really just kinda slow and lacking in enemy design or variety but i'd still sooner find myself replaying this over the adventure considering how much more digestible this in comparison. at the end of the day though the only gb castlevania really worth playing is belmont's revenge but i still think this deserved some kinda retelling or remake ala adventure rebirth so sonia got a place in the timeline and her design didn't go to waste - she deserves one and she's also the single belmont to assume dracula once felt human emotions which is kinda real tbh

playing lost levels through all-stars has me understanding the flak it gets a bit more. just a teeny bit - even with the far more generous continue system it has. the enemy ai is far more aggressive and the slight changes to the physics were enough to throw me off. discounting those changes to just one game in this compilation though there's something about the versions of the games here that feels...idk, homogenized? they all use a very similar colour palette and the same samples for the music and it has me missing just how distinct nes mario 1-3 were from one another. like idk if you show me a nes and snes version of a game next to eachother im probably going to lean towards the nes version because of the audio.still a perfectly fine way to play these games and probably the best for most people considering it has built in saves but i think i'll stick to the 8-bit versions

basically all of my knowledge of dragon ball post red-ribbon army is through osmosis, spoiling myself and people i know gushing over it but i know next to nothing about gt. there's a dude called super baby in this so that has to amount to something