released on Nov 19, 1998

Dr. Gordon Freeman doesn't speak, but he's got a helluva story to tell. This first-person roller-coaster initiated a new era in the history of action games by combining engrossing gameplay, upgraded graphics, ingenious level design and a revolutionary story that may not be all that it seems, told not through cutscenes, but through the visual environment.

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The first 3/4 of the game is great, with the aesthetics being really well done. The game kind of falls off when you leave Black Mesa though.

If only I had a computer that could actually play this, I'd be able to give you a more proper opinion on it.
Damn you Mac for taking away the ability to play 32-bit games on MacBooks.

eu prefiro o 2, porem também é bom o jogo, o unico problema é que algumas partes do jogo é muito mal otimizado e contem muito bugs

Opposing Force + Blue Shift cleared

Great game, aged decently, but it's too buggy and unpolished for a 5 star review.