Killzone 3 is the fourth game in the Killzone franchise. Several improvements have been made over its prequel, and it can be seen in overall smoother and more balanced gameplay. As in previous game, you will commandeer various turrets and vehicles which will add to firepower but will leave you with rails-driven gameplay. One of the new weapons is a jet-pack which lets you jump and semi-fly with unlimited ammo as a part of new exoskeleton. The environment can sometimes be destroyed or used to your advantage, shooting barrels or certain plants will take out nearby enemy soldiers. Beside single-player campaign, Killzone 3 offers an upgraded version of Killzone 2's multiplayer. The game is also the first in the franchise to support 3D TVs.

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É um shooter decente mas, assim como os dois jogos anteriores, ainda sofre em criar uma campanha minimamente memorável.

It doesn’t have the novelty of Killzone 2 in looking better than most shooters that had ever come before it, but Killzone 3 throws enough weapon and locale variety at you over a very brief campaign that it never gets close to feeling a chore to play through

Multiplayer was so much fun. It had a demo where you could get up to around level 20 or so for free. Me and all my friends bought into it asap.