Metroid: Zero Mission

released on Feb 09, 2004

A remake of Metroid

The full story of Samus Aran's first mission finally unfolds...

The first Metroid game just scratched the surface of the cataclysmic events on planet Zebes, and at long last the rest of the tale has come to light. Experience the first of Samus's legendary adventures through all-new cut-scenes and action sequences as the bounty hunter races through the deeps toward her showdown with the leader of the Space Pirates. But will the end of Mother Brain really mean the end of the story...?

Completion of the game unlocks an emulated version of the original Metroid game. Zero Mission also allow players to unlock the Metroid Fusion picture gallery by linking between Zero Mission and Fusion cartridges via the Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable.

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The first game I ever owned, shaped my taste in gaming forever and is one of the most well controlling games ever made

A great remake of the original Metroid game and the Zero Mission was a great addition!

All around solid but perhaps a little boring at times. I really enjoyed the sound design in this game, and the stealth stuff near the end was fun, if not a little difficult.

really fun fun game and after playing the original Metroid for the NES this game was a lovely breath of fresh air , great remake of that game and a great first time Metroid experience