After the death of Heihachi Mishima, the fifth King of Iron Fist Tournament began. Tekken 5 lets you join this battle as one of many characters, including three fighters who are new to the Tekken series. This time, the environments feature destructible objects and dangerous obstacles. Customize your character with a variety of accessories, such as beanies, glasses, and costumes. Beat the game with each character to learn his or her story.

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this game was a lot of fun! the best feeling one for sure, also has a lot of cool polish stuff like the levels interacting with wall hits and general attacks and stuff. characters also have little stuff that gets affected by gameplay, like jins hood falling off his head in the middle of fights. all of the little polish stuff on top of the game itself just feeling great made me have a really good time! i will say the balancing in jins story felt a lot worse than kazuyas story, part of that is because i'm just not used to jins playstyle as much as i am kazuyas but in general the later fights felt more unfair than in kazuyas story. still a great time though!

Melhor jogo de luta de todos os tempos! Meu Deus como eu amo esse jogo

cagar a piñas a todos los que vienen a jugar a mi casa hasta que me digan para cambiar de juego porque no pueden ganar una

had some fun mashing on this as a kid with my cousins

Que jogo bom, os gráficos são lindos, e esse estilo meio que parecendo um anime, fica ótimo, a história é bacana e a jogabilidade é muito boa