After the death of Heihachi Mishima, the fifth King of Iron Fist Tournament began. Tekken 5 lets you join this battle as one of many characters, including three fighters who are new to the Tekken series. This time, the environments feature destructible objects and dangerous obstacles. Customize your character with a variety of accessories, such as beanies, glasses, and costumes. Beat the game with each character to learn his or her story.

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Tekken has always been my least favorite of the big 3 fighters but this one game is just too good, i was addicted to it.

o melhor jogo de luta de todos os tempos, jogava o dia inteiro quando era menor, focado na história e gameplay, perfeito

Quite funny and memorable. Would play again.

um dos 4 jogos de ps2 suiço que minha mandou pra mim quando eu tinha 10 anos
eu tinha medo do devil jin o modo de jogo dele dava mo medo ;-;