The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

released on Mar 04, 2016

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD is a Wii U enhanced remaster of the original game. It features graphical upgrades from the original version, higher resolution and minor gameplay changes.

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Twilight Princess is one of those games that I know is probably not as amazing and spectacular and beautiful as I feel like it is, but I still can't help but get a huge rush of serotonin everytime I think about it. Writing this is probably going to either ruin or strengthen that, but a friend requested I review this game and so review it is what I will do. It probably won't be as in-depth as my other reviews though. Twilight Princess is simply a quintessential Legend of Zelda game and an awesome experience beginning to end... for the most part.
I sometimes hear people describe this game as a "remake of Ocarina of Time" and it's honestly kind of accurate. Twilight Princess definitely does a lot of its own things, but it certainly borrows a lot from OoT's gameplay style and structure. You run around Hyrule, talk to memorable NPCs, explore some great dungeons, and solve some puzzles along the way. Twilight Princess totally knocks its core gameplay out of the park. The world feels good to explore and is packed with tons of optional yet worthwhile tasks that help you become stronger. The dungeons are well designed with interesting puzzles and unique items. Combat is simple but has enough depth to remain fun and interesting. Link's transformation into a wolf adds a nice extra layer to the gameplay that doesn't stray far from the core. These elements are all tied together by the mostly well-paced story that drives them forward. There are a few iffy moments that keep me from calling the experience absolutely perfect though. The drawn out opening to the game can be a drag, especially your first time through when you don't know what it's building up to. The segments where you collect tears of light can feel quite drab and repetitive. The part where you gotta do that escort mission on horseback is nightmare on a first playthrough. Most of the problems lie in the first half of the game. The second half is pretty consistently awesome.
Story and Characters:
I freaking LOVE Twilight Princess's story. Say what you want about to long opening, but the way it sets up the world and makes you care about the characters makes the eventual moment where it all falls apart feel all the more impactful. The way the story sets up the conflict with the Twilight is freaking awesome, and it gives Link (and the player by extension) all the motivation and then some to go on this epic adventure with your initially mysterious new companion, Midna. For most of the story, you save ladies, unravel mysteries, and fight evil, all in the name of freeing Hyrule from the clutches of the Twilight, and it is awesome the entire time. Though, to be more specific than saying "awesome" over and over again (without giving away any of the juicy plot details), I'd say the story's biggest strength overall is its setups and payoffs. I don't think there is a single thing that gets set up in the story that doesn't have an incredible payoff. There's just so many cool moments that feel really deserved, and it just makes the story so satisfying to follow. The characters are great too. Midna is incredible and I love her personality and character arc. Zant is super menacing and serves his role in the story quite well. Link pushes the power of silent protagonists to the maximum in this game. The side characters can be quite charming too, though some unfortunately fall to the unmemorable side.
Sound and visuals:
Music's good. Sound design's good. That's basically all I have go say on that front. It's a Legend of Zelda game. I do have one complaint, and it's that the battle music interrupts all other music, which can ruin some important moments.
The visuals are one of Twilight Princess's many strengths. The environments look quite nice, and the dungeons specifically are absolutely epic. The Legend of Zelda series love its wacky character designs, and this game delivers them in droves, even despite its darker vibe. My favorite part of the art style is without a doubt the enemy designs. A lot of the enemies look totally awesome and menacing, especially the creatures from the Twilight. The art direction as a whole feels a lot like Majora's Mask's but if you made it listen to experimental 90's rock music for an hour.
Twilight Princess is an incredible game all-around. It's got a good story, cool art style, and great gameplay. If you're a Legend of Zelda fan or just someone who likes these type of games then I'd definitely recommend this game. It is, dare I say, awesome. Twilight Princess will probably remain one of my top 10 favorite games until the end of time.
And yes, I will acknowledge the humor in me reviewing this game right after Sonic Unleashed.

My favorite game of all time though it does have some low points that cannot be ignored the incredible heights of the game make up for all of it in my experience

Man, the Zelda games are just great. So much consistency, every single game is an absolute gem!
Twilight Princess is no exception. It features an unparalleled atmosphere, some great dungeons and the tried and true Zelda formula! It just works.
However, the fact that it relies so heavily on this Zelda formula is what keeps me from giving it a better rating. Twilight Princess feels a bit like Ocarina of Time 2.0 to me. The overworld is empty and exploration doesn't feel nearly as rewarding as in Twilight Princess's predecessor, Wind Waker. Bummer.

Muito bom, segue a formula de zelda e até diria que aprimora muito no sentido de aventura/dungeons/itens, deve ter sido incrivel na época que saiu. Btw por algum motivo o ganondorf fica distraido com uma vara de pescaKKKKKKKKKK

I truly believe Twilight Princess has the greatest soundtrack in any video game ever. It also has the best dungeons in the series with some of the most creative puzzles ever.
Also it lowkey is Ocarina of Time 2.

It's pretty good. The Dungeons are some of the best in the series, but the art style hasn't aged too well.