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Eu poderia passar horas incontáveis ​​explicando porque este é, para mim, não apenas o melhor videogame de todos os tempos, mas uma verdadeira obra de arte. Uma história fantástica, com várias camadas e instigante, que me destruiu completamente por dentro, ao mesmo tempo que me fez sentir feliz.

a game so well thought out it honestly scares me

Pese que muchos puedan pensar que este juego solo es popular por razones de internet, undertale es mas, mucho mas.
En cualquier juego que te darían la opción de ser el malo la mayoría la tomaría solo por curiosidad, de ver como es la historia, y eso no es malo, pero undertale destruyo completamente este concepto en base a algo tan simple como romper la cuarta pared, y en base a eso, logro que a través de las decisiones del jugador, el juego te haga reflexionar, sentir mal, por el hecho de que undertale nunca olvida tus acciones, sin importar cuanto resetees, te hace sentir como una mala persona, reflexionar sobre tus decisiones y jugar con tu moralidad, es un juego inmersivo, que tal vez flaquee mucho por el lado grafico, pero mecánicamente, este juego es muy profundo, trasciende la barrera de quedarse solo en un videojuego, y llega hasta el jugador, una verdadera experiencia y un gran ejemplo a seguir para los desarrolladores, que hasta el día de hoy, me sorprende que solo haya sido hecho por una sola persona.
Obviamente, el juego no es perfecto, creo que en cuanto a historia y personajes se queda muy flojo, sucumbiendo ante juegos como Earthbound o Chrono trigger, sus gráficos son horribles, aunque no le presto atención a eso, pero aun así es resaltable el poco nivel de elaboración que se tuvo en ese ámbito, por otro lado, la música es una pieza magistral y una clase perfecta sobre el uso de la misma melodía con distinta armonía, minimalismo usado de forma espléndida.
Este juego no es perfecto, pero es un gran ejemplo de como dar una lección moral a través de mecánicas que hagan sentir al jugador parte del juego, distintos factores no me hacen considerarlo el mejor rpg de la historia, pero tal vez si el mejor rpg independiente.
Earthbound 4: 9/10

one of my 2 platinum trophies and i couldnt be more happy

Not Paladins, therefore, Sans ahead

Toby Fox a genius for this frfr. Amazing music, storytelling, memorable characters, and just a great RPG in general. Definitely an era defining game

só não leva as cinco porque minha experiência foi prejudicada

This review contains spoilers

RUTA PACIFISTA: Mira mira mira, si, todos sabemos que este juego es bueno. Pero lo que más me asombra es la manera en la que Toby Fox logra hacerte sentir toda la epicidad de un JRPG de 30 horas en tan solo 10 o menos. El jefe final es yo creo que uno de los mejores jefes finales contra los que he luchado en mi vida. La historia esta ahí, lo que la carrea son los personajes, que están muy bien logrados. Al terminarlo uno de verdad siente que pasó por un viaje. Ahora empecé la ruta genocida, y hasta ahora me encanta como aprovecha todo otro aspecto del juego, y lo convierte en un Boss Rush dificilísimo, con comentarios que rompen la cuarta pared bastante interesantes, pero eso va en el review cuando la termine ;)

I've tried a few times. I just don't really like it :(

One of the only turn-based RPGs that is actually fun.
Can't bring myself to go the Genocide route because I like the characters too much.

Nice story and characters, and subversion of RPG tropes, very funny sometimes

História e Personagens legais e uma subversão de elementos de jogos de RPG dahora, jogo consegue ser bastante engraçado

Toby Fox knows how to make a good fucking game. At this point everything's been said about this game. So I'll just say - it's amazing.

Oh yeah and the fandom sucks lol

Undertale is a game about love.
I'm not talking about it's story or its premise. Undertale is a game made with love; An un-quantifiable substance that permeates into every single aspect of the game.
This is the game biggest strength, it's a cohesive dance of mechanics, audio and video. The simple yet charming artwork leaves room for imagination while giving the player a good idea of how the world you inhabit looks like. The music (which by many is considered the main attraction of the game) is a work of art, perfecting conveying the emotion of any given moment. And the mechanics all work wonderfully to convey the -Ludonarrative-.

Ludonarrative is a term coined as a blend of ludology (“the study of games”) +‎ narrative. This is to say that the actions you are led to perform in-game go hand in hand with the narrative or story of your game.

All these components work wonderfully together, and that's thanks to (I believe) a clear artistic intent. The person who made the music is the same that did the dialogue and combat. They know the story and characters they wanted to tell, and how to do it.

Everything about this game makes sense, what it makes it great it's not the individual value of its assets but how it all comes together thanks to the love the creator had for this game.

For me, this game is the undeniable proof that games can be art, and perhaps more importantly, that -indie- games can be art. A creation that surpasses the quantifiable value of it's parts.

It's been five years since the release of this game, a game that even today it ignites the flame that fuels my desire to make games so I can -as well- tell my story.

It's my dearest hope that one day I can deliver such a personal experience to someone else. It's been a long time with lots of ups and downs I still doubt I'll ever be able to do it. But there's a phrase that even in the darkest times on my quest to create art keeps me afloat.

Despite everything, it's still you.

Ótimas ideias que funcionam muito bem na gameplay e na narrativa. Gostei de todos os personagens e a faixas muito gostosas de ouvir. Toby Fox merece cada elogio por seu trabalho e continuarei o acompanhando.

This used to be my favorite game ever, but I’ve just grown to hate it after 3 years. Not a bad game, just a game I don’t like

I was raised on Undertale Flipnote Music compilations and like anyone else who was my life has gone downhill ever since. 10/10 would recommend

Esse jogo é genial, com certeza uma das experiências mais diferentes com jogos que eu já tive, diferente de muita coisa que eu já joguei. Sansacional

Honestly, the more I think about Undertale the less enthused I am about it. The comedy is great, don't get me wrong, but I really have to question how useful a narrative "you should be nicer to fictional characters" is. Not to mention that the game's conception of pacifism is so underbaked and immature that even the game's own creator refutes it in the sequel.

Pretty good game, but I completely missed the opportunity for the passive playthrough. Ive heard so much discourse about this particular style of playthrough, that I feel like I missed the real game. Maybe I'll watch a let's play of that run, but I got a little oversold.

amazing OST, great characters and visuals

Great indie game, me likey- music, humour and play style

A great game with an interesting premise.

MOTHER + SMT, but presented in an accessible, G-rated package. Kinda sucks how it's sometimes touted as some innovative masterpiece when it's so pastiche, but once you get over that, it's a damn fine game and an excellent entry point into the genre.