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It's funny but there's a furry kickstarter backer easter egg so it's fucking shit

dont get me wrong, amazing game!! prolly wouldve liked it more if people didnt insist on me playing the game a certain way to get the better ending :/

Probably the best and most innovative approach to story-telling that gaming as a whole has seen yet. I won't spoil it for anyone, but it contains a lot of super interesting thoughts and discussions about concepts we see in gaming but pay no mind to. As spiritual and dumb as it sounds, I think playing / watching someone play this game is a transformative experience.

[Entirely based on a playthrough I saw on YouTube around the time the game came out, plus several video essays about it. I probably won't play it, because I'm less interested in the gameplay than the story, the latter of which I've already fully experienced.]

Amazing. God tier OST, fun gameplay. Community is a little cringey sometimes but if you can isolate the game from that, it's a great experience.

experiencia increible si vas blind. ost 10/10

Apart from a little bit of expired humour this is still one of the most charming, memorable and genre-bending (this shit gets creepy!) indie outings in gaming

Woooaaahhh ooooooooooh oooooh

Story of Undertaaaale

"It's a beautiful day outside..."
"Don't lost determination..." ;-;

foi muito bom pra época e é muito bom até hoje mesmo, só a comunidade que ficou ruim

fandom and memes aside, this is a very very charming story, if the story hasnt been spoiled by the internet for you, I highly recommend it, I had a unique experience playing it when it came out. I was in 5th grade and sick as hell so I played Undertale in bed on my laptop for a week, it was one of the best experiences ive had gaming.

This review contains spoilers

I was such an anxious wreck during the first playthrough that one of my friends had to tell me it's a video game, not a moral litmus test.

Which says a lot about the hat trick the game is able to pull off, huh?

the only reason I can't give this a full 5 star rating is I really have a strong distaste for horror in general and I do not enjoy the meta spooky moments whatsoever. but for everything else I love the game to death and toby fox's humor lines up with mine perfectly.

the highlight of this game was the goat mom porn

The amazing soundtrack is pretty much carrying an otherwise decent RPG

Its a game that I feel is overrated, but at the same time, succeeded in what it was trying to accomplish. I thought it was rather short and a little unfulfilling, but the characters have so much charm and heart, it's near impossible to dislike it.

My fanboyism has waned over the years, but I can't deny that this game had a profound impact on me. I do think its design isn't half as innovative as it was hyped up to be during the Game Awards, but as a competent Earthbound clone that is able to display its own personality, I think it works fine. Also, the true ending still gets me to this day, and while its message might have been muddled, the decision to make the No-Mercy Route as boring as possible is still a good design choice.

overrated on release, and i don't think its the best thing ever, but its still pretty fucking amazing. combat is very fun and hopes and dreams is probably one of my favorite songs ever. sprite work could be a bit better though, frisk looks a bit silly, and sometimes the game tries a bit too hard to be funny.

Eu ri, eu chorei e acho que isso são duas das coisas mais subvalorizadas que um jogo pode fazer. Música fantástica, personagens inesquecíveis, este jogo merece todo o sucesso que teve.

Não é necessáriamente um review, mas são as minhas reações ao terminar esse jogo.

In my opinion this is an absolute masterpiece in gaming. The unique and meta story, the 8-bit feel to it, the fun and addictive gameplay, the exploration, the funny and memorable characters make this game my favorite game of all time. Too bad the fanbase ruined it.

Only game I played where I actually cried at the end. It's such a heartfelt, funny, game with an impactful message. It's a mastapeece