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Wow man.. this totally satisfied my disappointment with the cliffhanger in Halo 2. Such a step from the previous 2 Halo games. It usually takes me a while to finish games, but I got this game and started playing it yesterday; finishing Halo 3 in 2 days. Master Chief and the Arbiter as a duo is just everything. So many plot twists with highs and lows. The art direction of some missions is fantastic. Some missions gave me the chills. Missions (like the 1st one), look so much better and more immersive than levels in halo 1/2, because of the graphics being better on the 360. Just a great way to end the trilogy, although the ending is saddening. I obviously know that 117 isn't dead, because theres more halo games. But if I played this in 2007 I bet i'd cry lmao

A flawless campaign and multiplayer game, what else can I even say that hasn't already been said?

Not as memorable for me personally as the first 2 but still one of the best co op experiences I had playing this with my brother and at the timt this felt like an epic and amazing conclusion to master chief and the halo franchise. I wish it was....

i talked about this with a friend of mine on discord about how much we love this game and how it affected the gaming industry as a whole.