resident gamer girl or something
giving u the slice of life u never asked for
when are we getting plague of the moon (1994)?
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caught a koffing smoking a cigarette by a dumpster one time on my way home from a nicole dollangager show & it was the highlight of my year. i don't have unlimited data on my cellphone so i've long since uninstalled but i miss the way that felt & i'll always remember it. it was so silly!!!
must've been 2 years ago now, a woman who rode the bus with me to & sometimes from my old job came by when i was waiting for the ride home & we talked shit about how the bus driver's are shitty to people and their walkers, and then about the discord she was in & a meetup she was going to at city hall with the friends she made from pokemon go & she invited me along.
i didn't join the discord and i didn't go but maybe i should have. that's what games like these are for

It’s personal
At the beginning of 2020 when everyone with a Switch was playing the new Animal Crossing I inherited my grandfather’s farm in a quaint town of Stardew Valley, have you heard of it?
I found a new life there that was everything I wanted & exactly what I needed at a time where I felt like it was my fucking duty to wait for the news broadcasts to tell me more bad news & scroll infinitely on Twitter to find more people in my same frame of mind as I was where we were all terrified & had to work in positions where business owners didn’t want to protect us & nobody cared that we were scared or that our families couldn’t stand to get sick
I came back in 2022 after losing both of my grandmas in less than a year & my grandpa needed to be placed in long term care because my family couldn’t properly care for him anymore
Recently my dad has been in poor health, avoiding hospitalization and struggling with a lot of anxiety and paranoia made increasingly worse by medicines that have been prescribed to maybe hopefully help eventually I think. We’re all scared and I’ve found myself thinking of a trip to Stardew to be with my cows and my chubby piggies and chickens and back to growing pumpkins and kicking blueberries around my greenhouse and saying hi to my little bats in the cave right behind it…
The more I want to visit my farm, the more I wish my dad could go too
A place where you can let go of your anxieties
A home away from home, but not too far

The game that started it all
I came up with the username BEAUTIFUL BRUTE the day I vowed to main & stan the one, the only Miss Rainbow Mika
The most beautiful, funny, charismatic brute out there
“There’s a passion that burns in my heart
The passion to realize my dream!
It reverberates into my muscle soul!
With my strength, determination, and spirit, I’ll become as bright as the…RAINBOW!”
an absolute delight. i think we’d be best friends <3