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Sure we had “the computer room”
But at one idyllic time in my life I had the immense privilege of having a pc in my bedroom. Set up on some wooden nightstand with a glass table top. The tower straight up on my grimy pink bedroom carpet. And next to it on the floor I kept my collection of ~5 CD ROMS each bragging about their own “40 Best [adventure/strategy/action/etc] Games”

I’d come home from school, do my homework, turn on my computer, open Lotus Word Pro and write short stories (edgy poems and songs in Notepad) filling up every last floppy disk we owned with my feelings and fables.
The sun would set, both of my parents now home from work and one of them would holler for me to come down for dinner (typically a meat + potatoes or maybe my very favourite spaghetti with slurpy noodles. Every meal served with several glasses of milk. You Had To Have Your MILK). Bathtime would follow and then I could usually watch some TV before bed. My mom would tuck me in and I would lay there waiting for hours until I heard my dad snoring and could safely assume the rest of the house was asleep.

The glowing red numbers on my clock would display any time between 12-2AM and slowly I’d step out of bed, hoping that the floors were feeling less creaky than they had always been, shove a blanket under my door, and creep as lightly as I could over to My Computer. Eventually my big brain realized having a more even weight distribution on the floors was guaranteed to minimize the risk of the ol’ boards ratting me out and I developed a strategy of slithering out of bed like a snake and crawling over to the machine.

I’d wake my PC up, open the disk drive vrrrrr, plop one of those “40 Best (x) Games” CDs, launch the DOS program and search for my f a v o u r i t e game.
More glowing red as the screen flashes “TE-13 TOO EVIL FOR UNDER 13” and then the classic image you see on this page of Margaret holding her dagger with a demon on her back.

Sneaking out of bed late on a school night to play this game of witchcraft and death and the devil is probably when I first got used to playing things without sound. It scared me. The real danger of getting in trouble by my parents scared me, the subject matter and storytelling scared me and when I would turn it off to try and sleep the grisly images of sacrificed goats or bodies left on gallows or cabins with blood spattered walls or skeletons would keep me up.

This is one of those games that is so precious to me and held so deeply at my core that all I can really say is thank you Gabe Macchia. I love your UI, I love your art and I love this game with all my heart.

as Blaze Lead once said "this is a loser free zone"
you may consider me somewhat of an authority on Girl Gamez (gamez4girlz) and Girl Game Accessoriez... and as such i will admit that when i saw the highly anticipated, widely misunderstood Bratz™: Flaunt your fashion - Complete Edition on sale for the low low price of $14.95 canadian bonez (after tax) i grabbed my lip gloss and my tallest, chunkiest platform shoez and i went to WORK

i'm rowdy, i'm real. lemme tell u how i feel
i started playing & my bestie mo watched. we picked cloe as our main because my very smart and talented friend mo knew nothing about the bratz lore and i have a very special and unique understanding of cloe, her specific passion 4 fashion and her soul eg1 & eg2. truly only a kinship any other severely anxious, blonde, "mature for her age" ~girly girl~ growing up in the 00'z could understand. after Barbie = boring & lame & old & who really jivez with her never-ending desire to have so many JOBZ, cloe was there for me at every birthday and christmas. my extended family in michigan even bought me the Bratz Passion For Fashion board game when we were visiting for thanksgiving. i only ever played it by myself but it's still giving mega cutiepie vibez

you know my BRATITUDE is not an ATTITUDE
Bratz™: Flaunt your fashion starts and what do the girlz wanna do???? HIT UP THE STILESVILLE MALL, DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!
you make your way through the major hot spotz (mall, beach, x) in different citiez around the world all while growing your following for the Bratz magazine/blog and of course putting together the best outfit for each gig. in every mall you can pick up a cool new mode of transportation to help get you around as you complete your questz. like you can even RACE on a HOVERBOARD! there are a few different typez of minigamez throughout each zone and the rhythm based onez have to be my favourite. they make you the most money (until post-game content) and more money = more FASHIONZ so of course i stayed on that ultimate dress-up game grind

is this game probably better suited for children to play? maybe
did i still 100% the game in a single day and enjoy every second playing despite my middle-agedness (28)? OBVIOUSLY!
and i really think most people who love or loved bratz would as well. hm maybe not the 100% in one day bit but
like DO YOU have a passion for fashion yes or no?

some ootdz for the fanz in order of fave fit, trying to emulate the basic board game fit, and last pic for each girl is that inspo... this has really brought to my attention the severe lack of feather boaz in this game... plz next dlc give me scarvez and bagz.....
byeeeeeeeeeeeee xxxx

played 6.5 hours straight the first day i got it can i get a uh.. booyaaaaa (that's my hyper demon sticker, very popular)
it's super fun making different designs and now i've been playing for 13 hours... second day in... and i will never stop but i got a little cranky having to make boring designs for the quests. i know it's a game and not my own actual store but like can't everyone just want this?
and this?
or this?
and this?
or this?
and this (i actually have that sticker in real life.........)
or this, and THIS...
anyways, main point of game is this
ya dig?

˖⁺‧₊˚ ♡ ˚₊‧⁺˖˖⁺‧₊˚ ♡ ˚₊‧⁺˖˖⁺‧₊˚ ♡ ˚₊‧⁺˖˖⁺‧₊˚ ♡ ˚₊‧⁺˖˖⁺‧₊˚ ♡ ˚₊‧⁺˖