pokemon hackers stop making insufferably edgy storylines challenge (impossible)

the only thing this game has going for is its art design because even the gameplay fucking sucks


killer7 is still one of the most unconventional and strange yet unique and fascinating experiences I've had with videogames ever. It's truly one of the very few videogames that could be considered as how every element in itself and their deceptively flawed execution can create such a seemingly alienating, but oddly appealing nature at the same time. It breaks every conventionalism and subverts natural expectations of game design, narrative, writing and general cohesion and combines such a wide ammount of different genres and gameplay mechanics that becomes its own unique piece. It's almost the equivalent of a interactive schizophrenic episode, with moments of inconsistency between sheer dullness and violence, of pure melodrama, absurdity and joy combined with malaise and bleakness.
Whether you end up thinking this game is one of the most pretentious pieces of shit ever created, or a brilliant masterpiece that will never be replicated again, everyone should play killer7 and experience it for yourself. One of the most surreal, quotable, unorthodox and engaging narrative-wise games ever conceived. Truly an under-talked masterpiece.

woke up this morning, got some gabagool