Certified hood classic. Even the homies that don't care for sports love this joint

Gonna need to give it more time as I progress through the DW series, but so far I've enjoyed this FAR more than DW 3 and 4. This game has been mad fun and I know my friend isn't crazy about it since he loves DW 4 lmao

Although it may have more limited content from the previous game. I enjoyed some of the wild additions they made to where you're just mad broken. If you enjoy NFL street then this game is worth it alone for the co op Campaign! Being able to travel from city to city taking on NFL players, while playing with a friend, is something NFL street 1 and 2 never gave us. But NFL Street 3 surprised me with such an awesome feature. I recreated my friend and I along with our entire friend group. We've been playing and having mad fun grinding to improve our players

Improves on all the fun from the first one. The cover having the New York Football Giants on it is a plus (no bias). My favorite thing to do is play own the city and recreate my friend group as the players on my team. Mad entertaining when they do the cutscenes and animations trash talking

I was able to make my entire friend group in this game (accurately) all except for myself funny enough. Seeing the homies talk trash and have super powers while playing football will never not be mad entertaining. Would highly recommend!

The originals are classics. Aspyr did a shitty job rereleasing these but I have enjoyed revisiting them with the homie

I played the man the shoots beams and ask questions later

Playing through the DW series for the first time with my best friend who is a die hard DW fan. Playing good ole split screen and made some good memories. With that being said I can't stand the damn camera in this game lmao

Recently decided to replay this game. Back in 2017 I remembered enjoying the first several hours of the game but overtime could not find myself to enjoy it. Fast forward almost 6 years later and I decided to give the only mainline AC game that wasn't memorable to me a second chance.

I can officially say after a second full playthrough that I now love this game!

So there are a few things I should note that have more than likely made a difference in my appreciation second time around:

- Performance: Back when the game originally dropped it did suffer from performance issues for some people on multiple platforms and it was not smooth traversing through Egypt. Thankfully that is no longer the case and I was able to enjoy the game the way it was meant to be played!

- Side quest: So this for me is probably the biggest flaw of Ubisoft's first crack at RPG's for the franchise. There are many side quest throughout the very large map of Egypt and way too many of them are boring and repetitive fetch quest. If you're like me and your brain struggles to not wanna do everything you see on the map, then you may understand how disappointing that might be. Another problem with this is the game purposefully forces you to do side quest to progress in the main story as a high enough level!
That feature wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't for the side quest being so lackluster. So on my second playthrough (using new game plus file), I exclusively did only dlc side content as I never purchased the dlc originally when playing the game

- DLC: Now for the content that was completely new to me post the main game. I can see why Origins dlc gets all the praise that it does. Both dlc's are pretty solid for AC dlc's. The Hidden One's being my personal favorite was amazing and a beautiful conclusion to the story. Curse of the Pharaoh's on the other hand is more of a "what if" scenario and is pretty interesting with many new beautiful landscapes to visit!
Both dlc's add some really dope armor as well and it was well worth the purchase for me

Conclusion: Bayek has easily become one of my favorite Assassin's in the series after a second playthrough and I can say giving games a second chance years later can definitely be a pleasant surprise

Black Ops 1 will always be my favorite Cod, so Cold War was a fun game that feels a bit reminiscent of it. I enjoyed the idea of having a story where I can make my own character. The game gives some RPG elements which is not what I expected from a Cod game ever. But I surprisingly enjoyed it, even if it was bare bones. The multiplayer runs on the black ops 3/4 engine so it doesn't feel as "new" mechanically as MW19 engine's does, but it's still a fun game

Still easily one of the best fps Campaigns to date. Hope one day we'll get the classic multiplayer remastered as well

If you love Vikings then I highly suggest checking this game out. Although it is not the best RPG in the AC series (I'd give that to Odyssey), Valhalla is very much so naturally more fun to me. From the combat being reworked to weapons actually having weight to them on attacks. The gameplay felt more fluid and fun. Visually this game is beautiful! The god rays/lighting especially in this game are intense and glorious. Traveling through varies parts of England was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. The biggest compliment I could give this game is ironically the biggest issue/con I gave to Odyssey, which would be the story. Valhalla is a lot more story driven than Odyssey and it's story very early on is more interesting than what I experienced in the previous game. I loved the style of side quest being random encounters, almost gta-esque was refreshing for the series. Several of these quest are actually hilarious and entertaining, making them stand out and be memorable.
So if you enjoy story driven RPG's and have a love for Viking's then Valhalla is definitely a fun experience

So far the best game in the RPG era of Assassin's Creed. Traversing through the Greek world is beautiful and truly feels like an epic (and very long) adventure. Kassandra is easily one of my favorite protagonist in the franchise and I've been playing AC since the first game released back in 2007. Very charming main character and talented voice actress. If you're a loot goblin, you will love this game! I mean there is seriously an insane amount of loot to be had across the massive map. The side quest can be pretty entertaining and quality enough to be main quest. The only cons I can give this game are that it isn't very story driven and the pacing isn't amazing either. If you can look past those things, then RPG fans should have a fun go with this game. The AC community is all over the place with the RPG era but I love both AC and RPGS as a genre. So well worth giving the game a chance

This review contains spoilers

What a way to continue the epic story of Kratos after God Of War 3. I heard a lot of great things about this game but after finishing it myself, I can clearly see why so many love it. The opening of the game was pretty epic alone. I found some earlier segments of the game to be alright and at first didn't see the hype. However after a certain character joins your party, the game just picks up from there and gets more and more entertaining. By the end of it, I just wanted more and I'm very pleased with the direction the God Of War franchise has taken

Classic music game that doesn't get talked about enough. I'm not gonna put it on Guitar Hero's level but I did very much so enjoy these games and would've loved to see more of them, as I believe they would've only gotten better with time