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What a way to continue the epic story of Kratos after God Of War 3. I heard a lot of great things about this game but after finishing it myself, I can clearly see why so many love it. The opening of the game was pretty epic alone. I found some earlier segments of the game to be alright and at first didn't see the hype. However after a certain character joins your party, the game just picks up from there and gets more and more entertaining. By the end of it, I just wanted more and I'm very pleased with the direction the God Of War franchise has taken

Classic music game that doesn't get talked about enough. I'm not gonna put it on Guitar Hero's level but I did very much so enjoy these games and would've loved to see more of them, as I believe they would've only gotten better with time

Still one of the best Lego games out there and one of the best Star Wars games out there. Truly a classic co op game that my brother and I spent countless hours together on. Got mad love for this game

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This game took everything God Of War 2 did well and simply built on it. There are very few other games that will make you feel more badass and "godly" than this game. Kratos completes his revenge tour in chaotic fashion and it's so fun to experience no matter how many times I replay though this classic game

First time experiencing this game and I knew it was something different from anything else. The bosses alone are mad fun and satisfying to defeat. Highly recommend this classic

A lot of people gave this game an unfair treatment simply because it was the follow-up to the amazing game that is God Of War 3. I believe it's hard for any game to follow that one up only a couple of years afterwards. It is a solid prequel that has fun boss fights as well. In my opinion this game is the equivalent of Batman Arkham Origins. As that game came out after Arkham City (arguably the best game in that series) and Origins like Ascension was also a prequel. If you enjoy the older God Of War games then Ascension is definitely worth checking out. If you're newer to the franchise I would actually recommend playing this in chronological order as you get to try out mechanics from 3 while also having your introduction to the franchise not be as dated as God Of War 1 is

A pretty fun game that was originally intended for the handheld. It also happens to have one of my favorite game openings I've ever played. The first several fights along the shore threw you right into the action instead of building up to it and it never gets old for me

PS3 version is better just to hear Toby curse and say stuff he would never say in the movies lol

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One of my favorite Spider Man games growing up. Mad nostalgia and replaying it shows its flaws. However the pacing was pretty solid and I still found a lot of fun in having semi impactive choices between good/bad. While also enjoying the characters that are in the game with the classic comic book style

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An absolute classic RPG and Star Wars game. Carth is mad annoying and Bastila is Daenerys Targaryen before Daenerys

What started out as a rough release, overtime became a really fun game. Still waiting on a Battlefront III

Beautiful freaking series that needs to be played by more people. One of the best fps story driven games out there, the atmosphere alone is something you don't get from most games these days

I'm only here for the Ignis recipes

Although Ubisoft definitely played the hell out of people by hyping up visuals and features that weren't in the released version of the game. I personally found a lot of enjoyment in Watch Dogs. For starters I have not played too many games taking place in Chicago and having accurate locations you could visit in the city as well! It was a cool expierence for a game that could've easily been in New York like a lot of similar story settings would have done. The hacking mechanics are also fun if this is your first Watch Dogs game. The driving could've been much better, I may or may not be spoiled by games like Gta that have really good driving mechanics. Other than that though the game is pretty solid for being a new ip at the time

Red Dead is a strange experience for me because the first several hours of this game bored me to death and it was rough getting through it outside the opening sequence which was cool. A close friend of mine praises this game anytime it gets mentioned so I pushed through and after several hours, I can say the game gets pretty fun. It's like watching One Piece as a newcomer. I have to watch dozens of episodes till it actually gets good, which may not be for everyone but aye Cowboys are pretty dope