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Jun 03

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Tough for me to decide between 7 or 8 out of 10.
First 80% of the game was stupid fun, lot of cool shit with both Sonics. Loved most of the levels, hated the padding with needing to do some challenge levels to progress. Final 20% was a Wisp Planet and a terrible final boss, just an embarrassing showpiece.

The fun outweighed the bad, and this felt like a love letter to the Sonic games, and once those great credits roll, I decided it was a good Sonic game and not just an alright Sonic game. Worth a play!

Solid game. Full disclosure: I played with infinite lives so my fun was affected by this.

Really creative game, they tried so many different things in this game on DS, moreso than Nintendo did on their stupid New Mario game. So many times in this game I was like 'holy shit that's cool' and at the end of the day, that's what I want in games. So many cool levels especially towards the end.

Music was weird as fuck but it fit the vibe of the game the more I played it. Final boss was a motherfucker, but I won't even hesitate to say the bosses weren't great.

Worth a play. Good Sonic game.

Had a great time with this game. Lot of fun missions, can't think of a bad mission in this game, which is rare for GTA. I was looking forward to what the next mission was going to be every time, kind of like Sly 2 was.

Shooting sucks in GTA til San Andreas and this is no exception. Map is like half good, but thats cause it's re-using GTA3's map, which was always kind of whatever.

Music selection was great, lot of fun tunes on the car radios. Lot of funny dialogue with characters in and out of missions. This game was just a fun fucking time for me. Will have to check out Vice City Stories one day.