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Looking back, this right here is the game that snowballed my interest in the roguelike and roguelite genres. I probably first gave Risk of Rain a shot way back in late 2015 after seeing it for a dollar on the Winter Steam Sale if memory holds, and I've had a psychotic love/hate relationship with this game ever since. I distinctly remember playing it for a short stint, realized the Steam achievements were busted, and promptly stopped playing after failing to even finish Stage 3. (How embarrassing on two counts for myself!)

Ever since, I've never quite been able to shake this little game from my mind, coming back to it year after year. Despite bouts of not enjoying it at all, being completely unable to play without Command on (How embarrassing... again!) and completely failing to have any fun with the process at all, over time I began to understand the simple joys of Risk of Rain, warts and all.

I don't really understand the appeal. I like roguelikes/lites. I like crustaceans. The novelty of being a crab is there but the game doesn't really do anything with that novelty. Shit just kinda runs at you and oh man I'm fighting floating skulls now. Felt like I'd seen all there is to see within a single run, and I don't feel like any of the unlockables push that feeling away.

This game turned my brain to sludge. I don't know if they were trying to make this a procedural Borderlands-like looter or what but it simply did not work for me. It worked so little for me I seriously struggle to remember the moment to moment gameplay of this, it all blends together in a terrible sludge smoothie. Nothing about this game makes sense in any way in connection to the Shadow Warrior reboot this is a sequel of, and I wasn't even the biggest fan of SW's story.

This shlock is all bloated "style" and ""funny joke"" to hide that it has nothing of interest within it. If it didn't have co-op (so I could force a friend to play it with me haha thanks buddy) I don't think I could have finished this, and that's some harsh critique considering I have a high tolerance for flawed games and garbage.