Decent idea but the execution kind of blows. Perfectly responsive and functional on the player side for sure, but the level design is snooze inducing and the enemies and bosses are largely quite boring to fight. The arguably challenging content is all post game, but it's gated behind an obscenely tedious gear grind loop that will have you mindlessly repeating boring trash content for many hours. I got the fuck out of dodge shortly after beating the story, but I highly doubt that any of that post game content comes close to being worth the shitty gameplay loop required based on how subpar the game was up to that point.

It's co-op but honestly who gives a shit with gameplay this barebones and inexpressive. Also it's pretty ugly, imagine sub Rockman ZX quality art stretched 100 times thinner.

Basically inti's worst game. Music and character designs are nice though.

Fun ecchi themed railshooter all about precisely oneshotting girls in their individual weakpoints quickly, which rewards intuitive recognition of each girl over time. Not incredibly high skill as far as arcade style games go but more than engaging enough to sustain a few playthroughs to attain as many of the endings as you want. Dating sim/VN elements are light but entertaining. Mini games are decent and contain amusingly novel situations to break up the action.

Doki Doki mode, which effectively functions as the bomb mechanic of the game kind of blows in this entry, as the minigame involved is far too simple to justify the fact that it holds up the game for literal minutes every time it is engaged. But it's also less score efficient than simply scoring ecstasy shots, so it can and should be largely ignored.

Kaname was by far my favorite route, I liked her enough to get all three endings, her voice makes my dick hard as rock. good girl.

Port is fine except for artifacts of the game being designed with 30fps in mind: minigames and boss fights are locked at 30fps and controller aim speed is tied to framerate, but at least you can compensate for it by adjusting the in game analog sensitivity option, or just use mouse.

legitimately some of the worst shit I've ever "played". Unbelievably boring even with a bunch of people around to laugh at it. Soulless, listlessly woke nonsense from French weirdos intent to preach with a child's understanding of US sociopolitical discourse.

First game was in all truth trash, but it was compelling trash with a functional hook of time rewinding hijinks and tons of weird, constantly evolving character relationships that the player could affect. Trade time travel for 'o my telekinetic little brother' and the character drama for snail paced lifetime schlock and you have this piece of shit.

A totally different beast from Devil May Cry 1. Its heavy focus on intricate multi weapon comboing makes it so enemies are generally not dangerous in small numbers, instead creating challenge by forcing you to divide your attention between them in groups while maintaining your style meter. Many more bosses, most of them are at least decent, there's only one I would call a complete stinker. Dante's kit in this game is great, although having to level styles separately is kind of a damper on your versatility within a single 'fresh' game cycle.
Cutscenes are genuinely fantastic, great characters brought to life with fantastic dialogue, choreography, mo-cap and voice acting and a simple, coherent, heartfelt story.

Great. Simple but gracefully challenging (on nightmare) combat, good windy dungeons, fast and satisfying progression with upgrades you will need to win and tons of fun NPC interactions (you can even talk to basically every single minor monster in the second game).
An actually good, compelling story that doesn't waste your time, charming pixel graphics, art that is both cute and cool, and the series staple god tier soundtrack that comes in 3 forms you can swap mid play representing different releases of the games throughout the years, with more versions able to be modded in. Even within the series this duology remains unique in its masterful execution of its fairytale like story.