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we're not falling for another shitty vaseline smear game

Surrealism might as well not exist in our pointless efforts to reach realism in the modern day space of video games. While every studio is currently looking to make the AAAA metaverse game that will consume the rest of our lives, this quirky, downright nonsensically designed one-button 3D platformer recalls the glory days of the Dreamcast with a sincerity embedded in its cast of regular folks who just need some cheering up, clearly coming from a place of bizarre, but undeniable empathy via Yuji Naka's direction. If you've played Naka's NiGHTS into dreams... before, you should know what I'm talking about. There is a deep, Seuss-like respect for childish imagination that has no place in our angry, confused current world. Of course everyone hated it.

I came in blind,
but WOW!
This is a masterpiece unparalleled by anything else in industry.
This really Wonderworld reminds me of second best gameof all time, Shadow the Hedgehog.
I feel like speedy little rodent in the field while playing, pouncing upon all dancer who may dare intrude on my style!
Gameplay is Mario Odyssey but much more impressive than anything that baka Miyamoto could ever create.
Story impresses with deep seated meaning. It's like Hideo Kojima but with a Hat God Many peoples are blinded by hate and greed but don't realize love overcomes all.
Balan has been affected by such a tragic fate. Do not listen to those that are not sound of mind.
Try this game and become abundant in FUN!