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5★ - The game totally pulled me in and held my attention, I can't stop thinking about it, I want to have its babies. ♡
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Steelrising had an interesting concept of running around as an automaton in 1789 Paris, but in execution it was just another soulless souls-like, and one I didn’t much care for. While I enjoyed the enemy designs and, at times, the combat with the different weapon types, the frustrations came from getting around the maps. The barricades in particular, there were so many of them blocking paths and it was inconsistent on how to bypass them—some I could jump over, and some had invisible walls, it was a toss of the coin. The invisible walls were especially egregious when taking into account how it encouraged the use of the jump dash unlock. Suffice it to say, I hated how awkward it was to get around.

Another disappointment was the story; I found it dull. Every cutscene / conversation was hard to get through until I started skipping them all. It's a shame, BUT it's a good thing that others have enjoyed it where I didn't.

Psychonauts 2 was the kind of platformer I adore, with wildly imaginative (replayable) levels, quirky characters, and just all round fun. With a larger “base” map, it also had several themed levels of venturing into people’s minds and confronting their inner demons, and my goodness, the absolute insanity. It often required the use of swappable psychic powers to get around environmental puzzles and to also find hidden collectibles.

I have a soft spot for games like this; bright, colourful, whimsical, humorous. Even with dealing with somewhat sensitive topics it did so in a beautiful and respectful way, and I found myself comforted while playing.

The most notable thing about Atlas Fallen was its movement—sand sliding and jumping—which remained fun throughout the playthrough. Each map was designed for mobility, and while the barren wastelands often didn’t offer much in the way of colourful spectacles, they were nevertheless wonderful to explore.

As for what else it offered, it wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t great either. It struck me as an old fashioned action game where it was comfortable not pushing boundaries or attempting to create a groundbreaking story. There were monsters, and the goal was to fight them, oftentimes by slowly whittling down their health. I won’t deny I had fun despite its faults, and thankfully it presented options when it came to armour and abilities (aka essence stones).