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Okay, so on paper, I can't argue with the idea that Origins has more than Dragon Age II. It is a proper RPG with an expansive globetrotting adventure and a ton of content and a ton of player agency. I get why the first game is so beloved.

Dragon Age II, meanwhile, is a small story that takes place in a single city and is about your player character going from rags to riches and using their influence to change the fate of said city. It trades in MMO combat for a proto-Final Fantasy XVI button masher and you can get through this whole thing in, I don't know, 15 hours?

Dragon Age II was made in two years or so, and you can definitely feel it. There are relatively few areas compared to Origins and you can see economical design in spades, from cutscene animation to semi-frequently reused areas. It must also be said that the "your choice doesn't matter here" is really visible in DAII.

But for these faults (and the fact that it's pretty buggy like its predecessor), I think a part of me preferred Dragon Age II. DAII has no boring stretches, no frustrating areas, no unnecessarily long winded NPCs, and a managable scope. It's a game that goes down easy.

Also, as a mage in DA:O, by the time I got to the end of the game I was using the same two or three spells to wipe enemies over and over again. As a two-handed swordsman in II, my arsenal was constantly evolving. So yeah, call me goofy, but I actually liked the button mashy combat here more than that of Origins. The action was kinetic, fun, and straightforward, even if it lacks the flourishes of recent Final Fantasy games.

But the biggest thing for me was the story. While there were some confusing beats (it could be the amount of lore thrown at you at all times), the progression of the protagonist from a refugee to a nobleman champion is extremely compelling, as was the focus on elf/Templar conflict over another archdemon.

Once again, really good game. Can't wait to see what Inquisition has in store!

One of those middling games elevated substantially by said game "going for it."

You are a ritualistic serial killer who believes he is cursed by a wicked god and must murder a new person every year or the world will end. In order to get your kills, you are given one or more Outlook-style calendar timelines of a week in a potential victim's life. You must:

1. Learn enough about them to abduct them and
2. Often determine from multiple possible victims which one will please the god possessing you.

At the same time, you must (through a series of menus) make sure you accomplish everything within a given time limit and not get caught. There is also a section in which you have to remove certain organs and ribs based on what you've learned from researching the victim. I found there to be a lot of trial and error and a little bit of frustration along the way, but even so, the really grim tone of what you're doing does a lot of heavy lifting to make up for these shortcomings.

I would probably recommend this game on the grounds of its story, which is really compelling and upsetting and unlike a lot of what's out there right now. Without saying too much, consider it a long form version of that Breaking Bad episode where Walt has someone chained up in Jesse Pinkman's aunt's basement.

One thing I really like here is that while the premise is fairly shocking, the writing and voice acting are doing heavy lifting rather than overly upsetting images. Also, like, comics and books and movies and shows have done extremely upsetting subject matter for ages, and to see a rare game attempt (and I think succeed) to do this kind of story with a careful touch went a really long way for me.

P.S. good on Steam Deck!

Pretty good little post-game expansion, gives you an extra 5ish hours of main story content (maybe a bit less) and a bunch more if you do side stuff. Took me maybe 4 or 5 hours to get through.

More Dragon Age: Origins with some required reading lore baked in. In fact, it is such required reading that I feel somewhat awkward about it being DLC (a la Asura's Wrath having its true ending on sale for $7.99 but to a lesser severity). Still, good story and I'm playing it 15 years later so hard to get too mad.

My other complaint is that the experience was exceedingly buggy for me. IDK if that's the result of Series X enhancements or if the 360 version was always like this. Lots of graphical bugs and I got an infinite loading screen once.

But yeah, a decent post-game and more of the same. Not too much to complain about!

Edit: Y'all are saying this was $40 at launch? Oof.