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It was spectacular. The music is amazing, the story is marvelous, and the gameplay is amazing. I got so attached to the characters as the story goes especially Lloyd and sheena.

Honestly my favorite zelda game. The music is legendary. The mask mechanic was so much fun and collecting the mask was a great time. Getting to know the people of termina was the best part of the game. The feel of dread u feel as the time goes down really does make me feel anxious even with slowing time down. It might not be everyone’s favorite but it is mine.

I wish I didn’t push this game as much as i did cause it truly is deserving of being called a masterpiece. The music is amazing some of my favorites are gerudo valley, saria’s song, and the main melody. The Dungeons are well designed and the water temple isn’t as bad as i was told, and the fight with dark link in there was my personal favorite fight. If u haven’t played this game yet YOU NEED TO GET TO IT.